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Woosh: Vitter Twitter jams on Koch Patriotism

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Vitter-twitterHow important is the Internet and social media in the world of politics?

If money is the mother's milk of politics, social media and the Internet are the light beams.


Today, political parties, candidates, researches and politicos canvas and scour the twitter feeds, facebook posts, google+ comments and of course, websites to discover what is "hot" and "powerful" to use against opponents.  Then, faster than you can say the "speed of light" or "phantom", woosh, the controversy is in the hands of bloggers, publishers, and other news media to take off on its electronic journey around the political world.

Minutes ago, I noticed a post on my twitter feed, a comment made by US Senator David Vitter in which he extolled the Koch Brothers patriotism.

Suddenly, the Louisiana Democratic Party sent this out via  email: 

In the same week that watchdog groups asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate his super PAC for possible solicitation of illegal contributions, Sen. David Vitter lauded billionaire donors Charles and David Koch as “two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth.”

“David Vitter thinks that being a political sugar daddy with an anti-Louisiana agenda makes you some kind of freedom fighter,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Of course, Vitter also thinks Louisiana is holding an auction, not election, so his warm embrace of the Koch brothers is hardly surprising. Louisiana voters don’t want more money in politics, and they certainly don’t want out-of-state billionaires coming into our state and trying to buy a governor.” 

Vitter’s super PAC, the Fund for Louisiana’s Future, is fighting to overturn Louisiana’s $100,000 cap on individual contributions to political action committees

The Koch brothers’ dark-money group, Americans for Prosperity, recently fought against flood insurance reform, which will prevent devastating premium hikes for nearly 500,000 Louisiana homeowners. AFP is also trying to stop Louisiana from accepting billions in federal Medicaid funding to expand access to affordable health insurance. 

So, I decided to check out what  the Twitter world had to say about this issue:  

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