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Edwin Edwards impact on Mary Landrieu's US Senate race?

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This fall, Louisiana voters will be looking at two elections, one for U.S. Senate and the other for Congressman for the 6th congressional District.  Obviously, only those registered voters can decide the latter.


However, two well-known Louisiana politicians, both democrats, will be on the ballots--U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.  Landrieu seeks her fourth term as the Us Senator.   Edwards, who served four terms as governor, is now, at age 86, running for the 6th congressional district spot.

Below is a transcript of a recent Bayoubuzz Google hangout webcast in which the two races and their inter-relationships, were discussed.  Participating were Jim Brown, Louisiana politician and columnist, Tyler Bridges, reporter for The Lens and Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of Bayoubuzz.  

Sabludowsky: There's also another election this year, on the same date, actually. That's the US Senate race. The big question is whether or not Mary Landrieu is able to win the fourth term. When asked about Obamacare, Edwards called the statement that you can keep your own doctor and your policy "the lie of the decade." There is a column about this on I don't think Landrieu wanted to hear that, although Edwards was very supportive of Obamacare on other issues, such as pre-exisiting conditions and affordability. So I'm wondering whether or not Edwards is going to be positive or negative in the Landrieu campaign and vice versa.

Bridges: We can't say definitively. The argument in favor of Edwards helping Landrieu is that he is a Democrat. He is a guy who probably bring out voters, especially African-Americans, that no other Democrat on the ballot in the sixth congressional district could do. The counterargument is that there are people out there who do not like him and would be reminded of the reasons why they do not like him. That could also draw them to the polls to vote against Mary Landrieu.

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 Brown: I agree with Tyler. Edwards helps Landrieu by getting more people to the polls. Unless something very dramatic happens, there are runoffs in both these races. Landrieu cannot win this race in the first primary. Assuming they're both going to be in a runoff, it's harder to get people to the polls. I think they help each other in their effort to turn out a vote; an African-American vote, traditionally a Democratic vote, as Tyler stated. I don't think Edwards is going to affect Landrieu negatively. She's been well defined, and she's going to be pounded for months to come over Obamacare. It's interesting that Edwards says what a terrible lie it is. Landrieu keeps defending it, and she has got that wrapped around her neck. She's not going to be hurt by Edwards on the ballot. He's going to help her get out that traditional vote. I was looking at some numbers earlier about confidence in the country. What party do you have the most confidence in? If you go back the last twenty years, it's around 40-40 Democrat/Republican. The confidence in the Democrats solving problems under the leadership of Barack Obama was around 24%. When you're down that low, there are some independent voters who are going to say, k of that feeling to a number of voters; Obamacare and the President's popularity. I don't think her chairmanship of the Energy Committee carr"I don't care what she has done; we just got to have change in this country's direction." Landrieu carries that albatross around her necies that much weight. She's going to have a lot of money to solve her money, and it's going to be a real barn burn. By the way, a little inside gossip: Mary had a fundraiser in New Orleans last night. The singer Carole King came. There were a hundred people paying $1,000 each. It was in a private home. Apparently, it went very well. So if you're a Carole King fan, she's locked unto Mary Landrieu.


Sabludowsky: You mentioned that the Democrats are down in the low 20s. The Republicans are down lower than that. Unless it's a different poll, the Republicans were in the teens.

Brown: This is members of Congress. I didn't see that in terms of "Do you have confidence in terms of who can lead the country?" When you're down to 24%, you can rise maybe maybe 15% above that. But getting to 50% can really affect other elections. It is a hard road, though. Landrieu has got the office. She's the issue. The issue is not going to be Bill Cassidy. You're going to go to that voting box and be either for or against Landrieu. In my opinion, that's what is going to be the decisive factor in the election.


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