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Jindal, Vitter and Louisiana's Leadership Lost

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jindal-speechGovernor Jindal keeps attracting buzz. Yesterday, he announced a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, a move many see as a sign that he’s moving further away from Louisiana towards Washington, D.C. While Jindal is journeying the nation - to the extent that he should be made Secretary of Transportation, according to Edwin Edwards - his popularity at home is crumbling. Jindal’s future, both nationally and locally, was the discussion topic of the last segment.


Sabludowsky: Last topic is our Governor, someone who has a lot of experience on the road. Governor Edwards, when he was asked about Gov. Jindal, said that Jindal probably will get a position in government, probably as a Secretary. He said that Secretary of Transportation would be perfect for him since he likes to travel so much. The audience roared. My question is: is Jindal going to make a comeback here in Louisiana? Is he going to come back? Or is he lost forever?

Bridges: What do you mean by "lost"?

Sabludowsky: I mean, for example, Chris Christie is going to Las Vegas this weekend. I don't know if Jindal is going to be there. It's pretty clear that he's running for President. He admitted last week that it's now on his mind. It seems now that he's definitely running. There's an article on Politico that we cited in Bayoubuzz saying that he has the best infrastructure set up than any other candidate running for GOP for President. Can Louisiana just say goodbye to him as a leader, given what has happened this year in the legislature?

Bridges: A time when a governor really shows leadership and is most active is just before and during the legislative session, and we're not seeing that from Jindal. If he is indeed running for President, and all the evidence shows that he is, I think it's logical to assume that he will be spending more and more time on his presidential campaign and less and less time on his Louisiana duties. He will be traveling more and more.

Brown: I think Tyler is right. I don't think Jindal is going to end up on a national ticket for President or Vice President. A cabinet job, though, is a possibility for him. Does he have a future in Louisiana? If he doesn't go to Washington, can he come back? That has a bearing on the governor's race. David Vitter and Jindal don't get along. I think Vitter or Dardenne or whoever the next Governor is going to be is going to learn from Jindal's mistakes and take much better flow of the politics of the state. I think Jindal can come back, though. If Vitter wins, he appoints his replacement, but one year later, there's an election for U.S. Senator. I was up in Jackson, Louisiana yesterday for the Jackson pilgrimage. Some of the sweet older ladies who are running it are eating lunch. One of them recognized me and called me over. They brought up Bobby Jindal. These are older ladies with more traditional values, many of them Republicans. They sat there and castigated Jindal for a long time. So it's going to be hard for him. I don't think he's enticed about that. I think he wants to get on the national scene. If I had to bet where Jindal is going to be in two years, I'd say he's probably going to be one of those guys on Fox News, analyzing the news, like most Republicans who don't make it. That's where I see him. I saw something very interesting yesterday. The very popular sheriff in Jefferson Parish, where David Vitter lives, Sheriff Newell Normand, has almost $2 million in his bank account, and he came out and said that he supports Jay Dardenne for Governor. He's going to take a very active role, focusing on raising money for Dardenne. That was very notable for the potential Governor's race.

Sabludowsky: The reason why he cited, is something that you and I and so many others have talked about: David Vitter does not get along with people. He's divisive. I think that Normand has picked up on that. People who get to know David Vitter are also going to see that. Jay Dardenne is a Republican, and he's strong. Once they set them against each other - one has a personality and the other doesn't - there's going to be a contest.

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