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Tobacco Free campaign in On the Move in Louisiana

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healthyThe Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL), a program of the Louisiana Cancer Research Center and the Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI), recently launched its 2014 statewide media campaign, “On the Move.” The campaign features an interactive concept, utilizing print, broadcast and digital advertising, website development and social media to showcase the depth of success ofsmoke-free initiatives throughout Louisiana and creating a call-to-action for all Louisianans to continue to advocate for stronger protections from secondhandsmoke.


The “On the Move” campaign highlights the more than 300smoke-free and tobacco-free policy accomplishments throughout the state, ranging fromsmoke-free municipalities to tobacco-free college campuses hospitals and parks.  The goal is to illustrate the growing movement towards asmoke-free Louisiana and identify opportunities to support and expandsmoke-free environments across the state.

“With the new ‘On the Move’ campaign, TFL hopes to better inform the public about the manysmoke-free events statewide and educate them about the importance ofsmoke-free policies that protect our citizens from secondhandsmokeexposure,” said Dr. Torrie Harris, Director of the Community Health Division at LPHI. “The reality is, 79 percent of people in Louisiana don’tsmokeand we see more businesses in Louisiana voluntarily goingsmoke-free each month.”

“The goal of this year’s campaign is to demonstrate progress and support for our work, and use that as a catalyst to continue our efforts to create healthier air for all in Louisiana,” said Tonia Moore, Associate Director for TFL. “This can only be obtained by working with municipalities, businesses, schools, partners and citizens on both sides of thesmokingissue.”

In addition to the launch of the new statewide media campaign, an updatedwww.HealthierAirforAll.orgwebsite, Twitter account (@HealthyAir4All), and Facebook (www.Facebook.com/HealthierAirForAll) page have been launched to assist supporters of thesmoke-free movement across the state to get more involved. The updated HealthierAirforAll.org website also boasts a comprehensive list ofsmoke-free venues, shows and events across the state.

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Tobacco Control Program (LTCP) coordinate their efforts in tobacco prevention and control by providing statewide coordination of existing tobacco control initiatives, funding innovative community programs for tobacco control, offering services for people who are ready to quit and developing statewide media campaigns to help reduce the excessive burden of tobacco use on the state’s resources and improve the overall health and quality of life in Louisiana. For more information visithttp://www.tobaccofreeliving.org/">www.tobaccofreeliving.org. To find out more about the dangers of secondhand smoke and show your support for a 100-percent smoke-free Louisiana, visit www.letsbetotallyclear.org

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