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Louisiana Government Officials Face Off On Facebook

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political-deskSocial media such as Facebook is making a difference in the way that our government officials (even ex-officals) communicate with their consituents and with others. Last week, Jeremy Alford published the following in ThePoliticalDesk which are short posts by some of our "Louisiana finest".

Bayoubuzz is republishing his account with permission and invite you to subscribe to the Political Desk. Congratulations Drew Brees! I guess my autographed ‘Drew Brees’ NFL football went up in value tonight!”

— State Sen. A.G. Crowe, upon Brees breaking the NFL passing record

“Even when they get older, it’s pretty hard to get them to hold still for a family photo.”
— State Sen. Dan Claitor, on the challenges (and joys) of fatherhood

“Today is a precious, unrepeatable gift.”
— Words of inspiration from state Sen. Sharon Weston Broome

“I am committed to stopping online piracy, and will be removing my name from SOPA while I work to ensure that the freedom of the internet is preserved.”
— Congressman Steve Scalise, on Wednesday

“Just trying to make our City safer for everyone.”
— State Rep. Austin Badon, after asking for the Louisiana National Guard to be enlisted for New Orleans

“Headed to Baton Rouge to meet with Secretary Bridges and looking forward to beginning my new job and Deputy Sec. I have already had legislators calling me and asking to help them with their constituents and the dept. I was happy to be able to expedite the process and get them to the source they needed and hopefully a satisfactory conclusion. Making the process easier to access and follow through with is one of my goals. I like putting groups together and solving problems. One legislator said, “I am calling you because you are the only person I know in the dept. of Revenue”. I told him that was a significant part of what I would be doing and was glad he felt free to call.”
— Former state Rep. Jane Smith

“I spoke to inmates at Hunt’s Correctional on the heroes of the Civil Rights movement and on the issues of penal reform in LA. It was heartwarming to do both and to see the multitude of service projects happening across the state. Martin would have been proud but still sad because there is still much work to be done before his dream is fulfilled. But I wonder today do we all have the same dream as Martin and will we become drum majors for that dream? I know I will.
— State Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith, on MLK day

“Inauguration and LSU football = great day”
— Rookie state Sen. Rick Ward, before The Loss

“I’m thrilled to announce that I am the new Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee. This is a topic that is extremely close to me, both personally and as a legislator, and I pledge to treat this position with utmost respect.”
— State Rep. Scott M. Simon, the only legislator confined to a wheelchair

“How I feel after my beloved Saints lost to the 49ers!!! But, there’s always next year, which is soooo much more important, since the Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans. WHO DAT!!! WHO DAT!!! WE DAT!!! WE DAT!!!
— State Rep. Charmaine Marchand, commenting on a video 

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