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McAllister affair legs: Threats and exposing GOP elected officials?

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The Congressman Vance McAllister controversy might have legs of a different-sort, if claims made in a recent article bear true.

legsBy now, most political watchers have heard about the rise and fall of Congressman Mcallister, recently elected and demoted, at least in the minds and hearts of the Louisiana Republican Party leadership.


Last week, news broke that McAllister, who has only been in Congress for a few months, was urged by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Republican State Party Chairman Roger Villere, to resign from office.  The reason?  An explosive videotape emerged showing a makeout session involving McAllister and an staffer-friend-wifeof-a-friend-campaign-contributor.

However, according to an article by Christopher Tidmore published in the Louisiana Weekly, arguably Villere was threatened in a way that one could argue that more "legs" would be exposed should the GOP press McAllister further.

These "legs" would be lifting the skirts on affairs involving about other republican elected officials.

Here are the details:

In a breaking story, a highly placed source in the Louisiana Republican Party has revealed to The Louisiana Weekly that not only has LAGOP Chairman Roger Villeré called for the resignation of Monroe Republican Congressman Vance McAllister, but, in a new stunning revelation, Villere’ reportedly was threatened when he did.


Allegedly, according to sources, Adam Terry, McAllister’s Chief of Staff, responded to Villere’s call for his boss’ resignation by vowing to “expose other elected Republican officials” who have engaged in affairs while in office.

Video of McAllister engaged in a long kiss with a staffer Melissa Hixon Peacock, age 33, who worked as his aide was recorded at his District office in Monroe, LA in December. The Ouachita Citizen obtained a copy of the video and posted it to its website Monday, April 7.

Within 48 hours of its release, husband Heath Peacock announced he would be divorcing his wife of six years, and Vance McAllister was publicly apologizing for his behavior to his wife of 16 years—as well as calling for an FBI investigation of who leaked the security footage.

According to a highly placed LAGOP source, Villeré initially intended to privately urge McAllister to resign on the logic that Hixon-Peacock was a federal employee in his office. Moreover, the reported illicit activities, including the kiss, occurred in a taxpayer funded office between a public employee and her direct superior, during office hours. “It’s not just about the affair…It’s a situation of a Congressman taking advantage of his position and engaging in inappropriate activities with employees under his preview,” the source explained.

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