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On Earth Day, Liberal hypocrites fly first class

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obama-whistleFor the past 44 years, on April 22, liberal environmentalists assume their soapbox to pontificate about the dangers of fossil fuel consumption and the precarious state of our planet. This environmental holy day of obligation was created during a time of grave concern about climate temperatures. In 1970, alarmists were lamenting the coming ice age, worried about the supposedly disturbing trend of global cooling.



By the late 1970’s, the temperatures changed and the purveyors of environmental extremism changed their tune. Now, the fight was against the evils of global warming. This continued until the temperatures stopped rising in the late 90’s. At that time, their rhetoric had to be adjusted, so a new catch phrase was invented, “climate change.”


Today, every change in temperature is part of “climate change” and the extremists are convinced that these changes are not part of naturally occurring cycles on planet earth or caused by solar cycles, but do to the destructive activities of man. If one region of the earth suffers from an active hurricane season and another faces a particularly cold winter, the environmental alarmists claim it is due to “climate change.”


For these true believers, Earth Day becomes an annual opportunity to “educate” Americans about the dangers of “climate change.” They promote a green agenda which is anti-business and very pro-government. It includes higher taxes, wealth transfer and punitive polices designed to wean Americans from fossil fuels.


President Obama is a full-fledged member of the radical environmental movement. His appointments have included radical environmentalist Cass Sunstein, as his regulatory czar. Sunstein, who served in the administration until 2012, believed in forcing people into certain activity by government “nudging.”


His beliefs are shared by another Obama appointment, Secretary of State John Kerry, who ludicrously states that climate change is the world’s foremost problem. Forget poverty, famine, disease, war, terrorism, religious persecution and the like, Kerry most worries about climate change. Maybe this distraction is the reason our foreign policy is a total mess today. It might be a better idea for the Secretary of State to resign his membership in the environmental loony bin and start focusing on diplomacy and international relations.


Echoing John Kerry’s climate change mantra, the Obama administration is committed to “taking action” on this Earth Day. According to the White House website, “Our health, our economy, our security, and our planet’s future are once again threatened by pollution and environmental degradation.”


If this is such a crisis, Americans should know how their President is “taking “action.” The Hypocrite-in-Chief is celebrating Earth Day by flying to the west coast and Japan, and in the process burning 35,000 gallons of fuel and emitting 375 tons of carbon dioxide. Supposedly, using such a ghastly amount of fossil fuel is harmful to the environment; however, President Obama obviously does not care.  These flights are also quite expensive, as it costs taxpayers $228,288 to operate Air Force One each hour it is airborne.


While the President wastes money, guzzles fuel and emits an immense amount of carbon dioxide, his administration continues spouting the approved environmental talking points. The Obama administration is allegedly worried about our changing climate and “that change is being driven by human activity,” such as Americans annually pumping “millions of tons of carbon dioxide pollution and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.” If they are so concerned, maybe they should start by limiting the global jet-setting of President and Mrs. Obama.


Sadly, the egregious travelling does not stop with the Obama family.  EPA Director Gina McCarty is celebrating Earth Day with a five city tour asking Americans to undertake “simple actions to reduce carbon pollution.” In the view of Jeff Ruch of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, such gallivanting around the country will “far exceed” any benefit from her public appearances. Ruch believes that McCarthy’s travels “undercut” the agency’s Earth Day message about the evils of man-made climate change.  


With the Obama administration, their Earth Day exploits are another example of “do as I say not as I do.” 

Jeff Crouere

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