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Louisiana GOP Gambit: Vitter, Mcallister and Villere

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winners-losersThe discussion regarding Louisiana GOP, David Vitter and Congressman Vance McAllister has been in the news over the past two weeks and on a WGSO-Bayoubuzz Google Hangout Webcast, the issue was raised by Jeff Crouere during the radio-webcast broadcast:


Crouere: Next with us, Steve Sabludowsky, publisher of Bayoubuzz.com, is joining us. What's going on? The questions about Vance McAllister are still swirling out there, right?


Sabludowsky: Yes, I assume so. There's the question of the so-called conspiracy of how this thing came about. The question I have is whether or not it's going to hurt the competitor that Gov. Jindal and the GOP gang is going to set up against McAllister, assuming that McAllister runs for reelection. Even if he doesn't run, it might still be an issue.


Crouere: What do you make of Roger Villere calling for his resignation? Did that surprise you?


Sabludowsky: Yes, it did. I didn't think that anybody could be that hypocritical.


Crouere: Does this bring more unwanted attention to David Vitter?

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Sabludowsky: Absolutely. I know that there are rationales on all sides of this. There are differences between this situation and the Vitter situation. But the reason why I call Villere hypocritical - even though he's doing a good job in general - is that the reasons he gave for wanting to get rid of McAllister were couched in morality. They were couched in the fact that McAllister failed in his position as a political  government leader. People will say, "well, there's a big difference between McAllister and Vitter." There is. In the McAllister case, you have a video; in the Vitter case, you have phone records. However, I don't think the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in other situations are doing their duties and investigate, ask questions, and find out what has happened. It becomes so political. In this case, the Republicans doesn't want Mary Landrieu to win, so they're trying to get rid of McAllister. The bottom line is, ask questions! Why doesn't the Republicans ask Vitter to tell the truth? Vitter said that it was a horrible sin, but he didn't even tell us what the sin was! People should be scrutinized in a certain way when they fall like this. That's where I think that the GOP, in this particular case, was extremely hypocritical.


Crouere: And by doing what they did, they brought up the whole Vitter thing again. As far as McAllister, I think he's going to be in tough shape in that district if he's going to run again. It doesn't look like he's going to resign.


Sabludowsky: That's my understanding, as well. He can finance his own campaign. A lot is going to depend on his family situation. I understand that he has come out with his wife publicly, but not to apologize publicly. I think he's going to use the conspiracy issue to his benefit. Despite all this national notoriety, look at where he is on the polls right now. He's almost at 50%. In one-on-one battle against the Senator who ran against him, the Jindal-supported candidate, he does not win. But he's not down in the thirties, either. He's not where Jindal is right now.


Crouere: I think Duck Dynasty, as crazy as it sounds, played a role in his victory. I don't see them coming out for him again. Do you?


Sabludowsky: I don't know. That's up to them.


Crouere: They did endorse him in the last election. They were prominently featured in his campaign, and I think they played a role in his victory. Let's take some calls. Here's James in Metairie.

James: Steve, it's highly doubtful that we'll ever learn, as you said, what the sins of David Vitter are. Primarily, most people realize that what he did, if we are to assume that he went down to the French Quarter and had sex with a prostitute multiple times and possibly committed sodomy while he's wife was pregnant, is against the law. He will never admit to breaking the law. The other thing is - and I spoke to Jeff about this yesterday - that Jeff's former partner on talk radio, Chris Tidmore, has an article in the Louisiana Weekly. He recounts from an unknown source within the GOP that Roger Villere wanted to talk Vance McAllister. When the Chief of Staff asked Villere what he wanted, and Villere answered that he was going to ask him to resign, the Chief of Staff said that McAllister is prepared to expose a whole series of Republican officeholders here in Louisiana who are also having extramarital sex. I wanted to know if you read that.

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