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Who nailed Landrieu's 2014 toughness--MSNBC, NY Times, Fox News?

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landrieu-tea-partySen. Mary Landrieu's name came up recently on MSNBC's "The Cycle." The Louisiana Senator was described as "tough as nails," and the reporters gave her good chances of keeping her seat in the Senate in November.

Her campaign must agree for it sent out an email with the video.  TheMSNBC video discussed a poll released Wednesday showing her with a strong lead.

According to Krystal Ball, some of the most shocking numbers in the poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and published in The New York Times were the ones from Louisiana. She pointed out that people have thought that Mary Landrieu is really endangered; the poll shows her at 42%, way ahead of Bill Cassidy at 18%, Paul Hollis at 5%, and Rob Maness at 4%. All of the candidates will be on the ballot in the election. However, if no candidate received 50% or more of the votes, there will be a run-off in December. Ball believes that is what is going to happen, but she emphasized that Mary Landrieu looks to be in a strong position. Erikka Knuti agreed and said that Landrieu us in a much stronger position than people give her credit for. She called Landrieu the quintessential politician; a candidate with whom you do not want to be in race. Knuti pointed out that Landrieu has successfully defined herself in previous elections before the opponents define her. Knuti attributes a lot of the negativity to the Koch brothers bashing campaign. She believes that Landrieu has a tough race ahead of her, but it is one that she will win, like she has done earlier.

However, Nate Cohn, writing for the New York Times, is not as optimistic on Landrieu's behalf. Like Ball, he believes that Landrieu will make it to a December runoff. However, he points out thta undecided voters are far more likely to lean Republican than Democratic, by a margin of 56 to 18 percentage point. Considering this fact, he does not consider Landrieu's 42% a great number. Also, Cohn foresees that Landrieu will "lose the support of people who disapprove of Mr. Obama or the Affordale Care Act as voters begin to pay more attention."

Also, Karl Rove, who was way off with his projections during the 2012 elections, also weighed in on the poll numbers in an article on FoxNews. He pointed out that in 2012, Mitt Romney carried Louisiana by 17-points. However, the poll's sample gives the state to Obama by three points. Landrieu leads Cassidy by 24 points. Rove also points to other states in which he believes that the numbers are distorted. He writes: "These four state polls [Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina] conducted by a major newspaper and wealthy foundation grossly over-sample Obama voters, providing a distorted picture of the current condition of each race. This is either incompetence or a deliberate attempt to boost the fortunes of Democratic candidates in trouble."

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