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Jindal: Louisiana voluntary evacuations, State of Emergency, GOP speech

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jindal smallToday, Governor Bobby Jindal issued an executive proclamation declaring a state of emergency as a result of the forecasted conditions of Tropical Storm Isaac which is expected to turn into a hurricane.

In a press event Sunday afternoon, Jindal said that residents should engage in voluntary evacuations for 15 parish areas that are normally at risk.


In the executive order, Jindal said the National Weather Service forecasts this storm will strengthen to hurricane-force strength within the next 24 hours before making landfall on the Gulf Coast in approximately 48 hours, and has issued a hurricane watch for southeastern Louisiana and that the inherent uncertainty of predicting the path of the storm as it crosses the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico poses a threat to citizens and communities across the Gulf Coast and creates conditions which place lives and property in the State in jeopardy"

Jindal said there may be mandatory evacuation in the fifteen parish areas on Monday and said he would strongly suspect that there would be mandatory evacuations prior to his morning briefing.  

Jindal took questions from the media and discussed the Bayou Corne sinkhole and said the state is working to protect that area from being aggravated.

Jindal also indicated that as long as the state is in harms way he will be staying in Louisiana and is not focusing upon his GOP convention speech





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