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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 13:54

Shipbuilder Bollinger makes splash with pro-Mary Landrieu commercial

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ceo boysieThe US Senate race commercials are in the Louisiana news again.  The shipbuilder and strong Republican, Boysie Bollinger, cut a commercial in support of Mary Landrieu.  The commercial has angered many republicans who want Landrieu out of office.  Another Landrieu commercial has created a stir. That commercial shows Mary Landrieu at a public hearing which did not exist. 

 Radio talk show host of WGSO, Jeff Crouere, and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, discussed these issues in part one of Tuesday’s live Google Hangout webcast. 

Below is the transcript.  For a more exact accounting, please watch the video: 

Crouere: We've been talking a lot about the upcoming US Senate race and Mary Landrieu vs her Republican opponents. Also, Reverend Brown is running. We've been talking about Boysie Bollinger's endorsement, the big splash he made in the Landrieu commercial, and what impact, if any, it will have. I have now detected a pattern. It seems like every time, around election time, Mary Landrieu is able to find some key Republicans to bring on board on her campaign who can help her garner those few percentage points she needs to win. She's trying to do it again this time.

Sabludowsky: There's no reason for her not to have done that earlier, and there's no reason for her not to do that now. At this point in time, I think the one-horse opposition has focused on Obamacare. However, there's so much more.  

Crouere: Boysie Bollinger touted her position in the Energy Committee and her support of oil and gas. He's showing his big ships. The implication is that those big ships are due to the contracts he gets because of Mary Landrieu.

Sabludowsky: Definitely. Bill Cassidy said in response that it was an inside job.

Crouere: What does he mean by that, exactly?

Sabludowsky: I'm not sure what he means, other than the fact that Bollinger has given Landrieu, a US Senator, money in return for contracts - an inside deal. However, if you look at Cassidy's number, 50% of the contributions come from large contributions, particularly from the medical community. Does that mean that if elected, he's going to do what they want him to do instead of what he wants to do?

Crouere: I would assume that he's not too happy that Boysie Bollinger, one of the biggest owners in the Republican Party, supports Mary Landrieu. Also, Joe Canizaro is on board with her. It's probably irritating to him because he's trying to get the Republican Party to coalesce behind him. He also has two other Republicans running against him. That's inhibiting his efforts, as well. He has a long way to go between now and the election. It's heating up, and we're going to see commercials probably on a daily basis. Steve, according to an analyst I talked to yesterday, the control of the US Senate could very well come down to Louisiana. He believes that things are so close that Louisiana could play a pivotal role in control of the US Senate. Do you agree?

Sabludowsky: Definitely. People have been saying it for almost a year. As we get closer, I think it's going to get tighter. The entire nation, maybe the entire world, is going to be paying attention to this election. The money that has already been pumped into it is going to skyrocket.

Crouere: I agree. It's going to be the most expensive political race in Louisiana history. That's what I think we're looking at. We've already seen a lot of money being pumped in. Do you think Landrieu has suffered from the fallout about her campaign commercial that was a staged recreation of her Senate testimony? She was criticized for that last week. There was a lot of interest for it on my program; I wrote a column about it on Certainly, that was something we hadn't seen before: a recreation of a testimony. Even The Today Show was critical. Your thoughts?

Sabludowsky: I agree. She should be criticized for it, or her campaign should be criticized for that.  Here's what i think and the reason why is her campaign had criticized a commercial by AFP , the Koch group, they had this actress canning that she was a person hurt by Obamacare.  so i think when you engage in these roles in TV commercials, you're going to be criticized.


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