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Louisiana Called Second Most Hypocritical State

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 Louisiana is being called one of the top "The Most Hypocritical States."  and is receiving a significant amount of federal money despite the large population of the Tea Party.

The top of the “hypocrites” Wyoming, followed by Louisiana and then Oklahoma.

A new Daily Beast article ranks the states that talk toughest on U.S. spending—while simultaneously swallowing federal largesse. Wyoming ranks as the most hypocritical with 26% of the population supporting the Tea Party and $4,067.50 federal funds per person; Louisiana and Oklahoma round out the top 3. Virginia, Nevada and Hawaii are the least hypocritical, the latter coming in last place with 7% support for the Tea Party and $1,977 federal funds per person.

In determining the “Most Hypocritical” ranking, The Daily Beast looked at the amount of federal funding each state resident received last year compared to percentage of state population that identifies with the Tea Party, “a movement that decries such federal funding” according to the Beast.

Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal has been one of the leaders in denouncing federal spending and the stimulus yet his state receives a substantial amount of its revenues courtesy of the national taxpayers.  Next year, the Governor is expected to be confronted with his greatest challenge as the Louisiana budget deficit is expected to exceed two billion dollars with no federal stimulus money which has plugged the state's financial hole the past two years.


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