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Don't Fracken Care about Evolution or Liberal Politics, Keep God in Schools

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creationism debateFracking, religion, Louisiana schools, evolution, creationism, Planned Parenthood, abortions, the Tea Party, Obama, the political right versus the political left--another hour on Ringside Politics--WGSO radio, hosted by Jeff Crouere.  

This time, the program could be seen via webcast on, via Google hangout or could be heard on or on 990AM on the radio dial.


The hangout was part of a continuing Tuesday morning (9:30 am) hangout-webcast-radio show presented by Bayoubuzz and WGSO featuring Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, Jeff Crouere, occassional guests and WGSO's callers.  

The conversation is always touchy, emotional and topical, as was this hour. 

Here is a close-to-verbatim transcript of the relevant excerpts from the program.  For accuracy and interest, please watch the video. 

Crouere: James is checking in with us. What's going on, James sir?

James: People are offended apparently that the tax dollars are going to support Planned Parenthood. But Planned Parenthood does a full range of reproductive health issues for women. Yes, they do perform abortions in some locations, and I guess they are planning on doing that on Claiborne Avenue. But they have been doing this for years at a low cost. That's why our tax dollars are going there. Let me tell you how offended I am about tax dollars. I am offended that our tax dollars are going to poisoning the minds of young people in Louisiana in conservative Christian voucher schools. There, kids are deliberately lied to. They are told that the Earth is 6-10,000 years old; they are told that dinosaurs and humans lived on the Earth at the same time; they're told that there was a global flood. This country ranks well out of the top 10 as far as scientific literacy among industrialized nations. What we're doing here in Louisiana is contributing to that scientific illiteracy. We're dumbing down kids in those schools with taxpayer dollars. I am pretty darn ticked off about it. Our governor, who has a degree in biology from an Ivy League university, this guy is nothing but a panderer to the Christian conservatives in this state. That's all he's doing. Steve, I want to thank you for the courage that you have on Bayoubuzz. You have printed most of the columns of Lamar White, Jr. That's a guy I'd like to see as a guest on this show. I think is his website. He goes on to say how Jindal is unfit to be Governor, supporting these...

Crouere: I wouldn't mind having him on. Steve, maybe you can get his contact information to me. James, thanks for your call. Miss Val joins us from Mid-City. How are you doing Ms. Val?

Ms. Val: All, I have to say, this is not about the column you just wrote. Whether the child thinks it's 6,000 years old or millions of years old, it's not going to have any effect on his life.
Cherokee: We have a two-party system. Some people say we have a one-party system.
Crouere: That's been my point. I want the Republicans to be more of an opposition party as opposed to a party that wants to spend a little bit less. We'll see in 2016. This could be the key. If they elect another moderate, I really think the conservatives are going to bolt for a third party.  If they name another moderate, I think the conservatives will really vote for a third party.
Cherokee: You know this; it is so simple. Return to low taxes and less government. Keep it simple, stupid. Don't get off the damn track with all these social issues. People want economic success. They want to see it in their paychecks. They want to hear it in the new businesses moving in. They want jobs. They want a new car. They got to have a job to get that.
Crouere: My view is that we don't have that now, Cherokee.
Cherokee: No! What we have now is go-along-get-along party that is not going to fight the Democrats, but just say, "Well, we wouldn't have done everything that they did." It makes you sick. We have no war..
Crouere: Steve, your thoughts?
Sabludowsky: I think that a lot of us can understand his frustration and your frustration, too. The thing is that the United States of America is a, if you look at the demographics, it is a  melting pot. That's what it is. The conservatives can say they're not happy with it, the liberals can say that they are not happy with it, but you got to get the middle. If you don't get the middle, you're not going to win. I don't think a real conservative is going to be able to be President in my lifetime, another say 80 years or so. I just don't see it.
Crouere: We've got a super-liberal, so he was elected. He got enough votes to be reelected, too. He's on the far left wing. Why couldn't a guy on the other wing of the plane, he's on the left wing, he's on the far left wing, why couldn't a guy on the right wing, not even that far right but just on the right wing some, get enough moderate votes to win? You're saying nobody more conservative than Mitt Romney or John McCain can ever get nominated or elected? You're saying conservatives have no hope to ever get another nominee?
Sabludowsky: What I'm saying is that some people believe that Obama is way to the left, some people  believe that he is left-moderate. Some people who are conservative, like you, believe that he is way way way out there, socialist, communist, and so on.
Crouere: I've never used the word communist. Socialist is another issue.
Sabludowsky: Many of your callers have have called him both communist and socialist. On some issues, he may be socialist. I think that you may have somebody on the same same extent on the right side that Obama is on the left.  But, I just don't see the Tea Party type, I just don't see
Crouere: Let's see what happens...see what Kevin in Metairie has to say.
Kevin: I believe that the issue that you brought up about the Bible is infinitely paramount to all other issues. Because when we doubt the plain teaching of creation in the Bible, we are allowing the teachers of evolution to serve to the doubt of our young people in school. Doubting the historicity of the Bible, the infallibility of the word of God and of God himself. It's unnecessary because the evidence abounds. One in particular, the global flood. the evidence of the global flood abounds everywhere in the sciences. Yet the evolutionists are now just beginning to at least admit to local flooding. They can no longer deny that any flooding took place. They are now beginning to concede to local flooding, but they will never admit to a global flood. Because a global flood would have wiped out the earth. Evolution would have had to happen a second time.

Crouere: Let's go to Mr. Red White and Blue. What's going on?
RWB: I agree with your recent caller Kevin. But also, I'm very concerned about James. He sounds like a very intelligent man, but to make the crude and bitter accusations against the Christian belief-- is uncalled for. That is the belief that we hold. The belief he has of evolution has no proof in it whatsoever. They do not have any proof of that even existing. Ok. But the hypocrisy that he has  he's willing to agree to Planned Parenthood aborting children, which means that they are taking life is okay with him. The fact that they are teaching creationism to children, the Christian belief is wrong?  While they are actually teaching in the schools evolution as fact, which they have no proof, of it at all. What I want to say to James particularly is that he needs to come now to the realization that he has never maybe been witnessed to the salvation of Jesus, but he is being told now. That is the only way to have..if he does not accept that, then he's not going to have access to Heaven.  That's his choice now.  He has been told on the radio. So, that's up to him. But they way in which he condemns against Christian belief, I think is unpardonable.
Crouere: Thank you. Sherry joins us from Metairie.
Sherry: James in a secularist, in my book. That's what secularists do: they attack Christians. They're full of hate. That's what they are. So, enough said about him I guess.
Crouere: Steve, you have any thoughts on that controversy about the fracking on the North Shore. I know that Tim Burns is going to do some hearings on that. People have been concerned about it. Some folks are saying that the North Shore folks are concerned about fracking in their backyard; they don't care about fracking going on in other parts of the country. Your thoughts?
Sabludowsky: I don't give a frack about it, (laughter) to tell you the truth.  But seriously, I do have some comments about the other controversy, the James controversy. First of all, I understand the passion that we're hearing on the radio show from those people who are very religious and those people who are not, religious. I do believe there is evolution, I believe in evolution but I also believe in God. The Pope accepts both. I think that there is a real issue, in my mind, in having government fund any type of religion or religious belief. Once you do that, obviously, you're going to have to allow other religions to be funded. Now that might be fine in Louisiana because many people here are Christians and Catholics, while in other locations, you may have other religions.  Now those people there who are Christians in those areas, they might feel really upset...
Jeff: With that Steve

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