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NRSC cites new poll numbers, Landrieu beefs up campaign staff

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 landrieuThe National Republican Senatorial Committee has seized the results of a new poll by SMOR, Southern Media and Opinion Research, to extend its narrative that Mary Landrieu, seeking a fourth term, is not being helped by her seniority, possibly, the cornerstone of her political strength.  

In a press statement, circulated by the NRSC, "
 Equally as devastating is that the poll seems to destroy Mary Landrieu's entire campaign message: "After being informed that Landrieu had been a U. S. Senator                           since 1996 and was recently appointed to Chair the U.S. Senate Energy Committee, 59% of the voters thought electing someone new was more                                           important than keeping her in office. Landrieu’s seniority does little to sway voter choice for the U.S. Senate. Of the voters who responded they were                             undecided in the U.S. Senate trial heat question, 72% were of the opinion that electing someone new was more important than keeping her in office."
You read that right - Mary Landrieu's position as Chair of the Energy Committee does little to sway voters. In fact, nearly 6 in 10 voters believed it was more important to elect someone new. This completely eviscerates Mary Landrieu's entire re-election message. 
We've said before that despite her position on the Energy Committee, Mary Landrieu is powerless. Yesterday folks in Washington saw why. Today  we're seeing Louisiana voters who realize it as well. 
"Mary Landrieu has been telling anyone who will listen how influential she is after being named Chairman of the Energy Committee, but it turns out that Landrieu isn't influential at all and Louisiana voters realize that. This week's Keystone disaster not only reinforces how ineffective and powerless Landrieu is, but it reminded voters back home that she is responsible for these failed outcome that hurt middle-class families and workers throughout the country." - NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen
Prior to the debate over healthcare, Landrieu's popularity hovered over the 60% mark.  While her numbers have climbed over the past years in various polls, her popularity is feeling the brunt of incessant attacks, mainly by the Koch group, Americans for Prosperity.
Landrieu is not the only top Louisiana elected officials who has sported less than sterling poll numbers in the past year.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who many believe is running for US President, has carried favorables as low as the mid-thirties.
Coincidentally, at roughly the same time that the SMOR poll was released, the Landrieu campaign announced new staff members:
The Press statement indicates she is beefing up her camapaign staff and reassigning a key member of her legislative team:  A Landrieu press statement said:

Today, Sen. Landrieu’s campaign announced several new additions to its staff. Longtime Landrieu aide T Bradley Keith will serve as political director, Chuck Engel as digital director and Tia Vice as deputy political director. D'Seante Parks, Cherie Teamer, and Jordon Corbin have also joined the campaign communications team.

T. Bradley Keith served as Senator Landrieu’s state director for the last 15 years before moving to her re-election campaign this month as political director. This is the fifth state-wide race in which Keith has worked for Senator Landrieu, having previously served her for six years as communications and legislative director when she served as Louisiana State Treasurer.  Keith is a former print journalist with stints with The Patriot Ledger in Quincy, Massachusetts, The News-Star in Monroe, and New Orleans CityBusiness. He also is a former director of corporate communications for Louisiana Health Care Review (now eQHealth Solutions). Keith is a native of New Orleans, a graduate of LSU, and now resides in Ascension Parish.

Prior to joining the Landrieu campaign, Chuck Engel was part of the digital team that helped elect Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Most recently Engel served as digital communications manager for House Majority PAC.

Tia Vice joins the political team having worked most recently as director of communications and scheduling for New Orleans City Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer. A South Carolina native and Tulane University alumnus, Vice has worked in government and nonprofit organizations since 2001.

Before joining the Landrieu communications team, D'Seante Parks was an associate for the public affairs firm SKDKnickerbocker in Washington D.C. She helped elect New Roads Mayor Robert Myer in 2010, and holds a BA in Political Communication from the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU. Her family is from Shreveport.

Cherie Teamer is a New Orleans native and 2010 Graduate of LSU. Previously she worked in New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s Communication Office.  Cherie also worked for Sen. Karen Carter Peterson and the Louisiana State House of Representatives Insurance Committee. She will graduate from Tulane Law School with her Juris Doctorate in May.

Jordon Corbin attended LSU on an athletic scholarship and graduated in 2011 from LSU with a degree in writing and performing arts. Upon graduation he became the legislative aide at the Louisiana state capitol for state senator Jean-Paul Jude Morrell.

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