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Duck Governor Jindal, Landrieu 1 in 3 chance, Kleckley timeout

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duckedSome interesting news shorts found over the thoroughfares of social media, today:

 Landrieu 1 in 3 chance

In Louisiana, Landrieu still has only about a 1-in-3 chance of winning even when her incumbent status is included. Her polling at this point isn’t good enough for incumbency to put her over the top.

In the closest races, however, incumbency may very well turn a loser into a winner.

Duck Governor

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) will appear on the season premiere of A&E’sDuck Dynastyon June 11, 2014.

According to the network, Jindal will be presenting Willie Robertson, the CEO of the family’s business, with thefirst ever“Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence,” which honors “homegrown Louisiana businesses that grow and provide more opportunity, more jobs and more commerce.”…..

The state already subsidizes thirty percent of the program’s local production spending in the form of tax credits that can be redeemed to cash. As Ed Krayewski atReasonargued, this means it’s possible that the state is spending upwards “of $70,000 per episode on payroll alone.”

The appearance will provide the probable 2016 presidential candidate with national exposure as he prepares for the Republican primaries.

Time Out

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