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Friday, 30 May 2014 16:44

Palin, Robertson, Jindal talk at RLC with Obama, Landrieu, Religion in mind

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robertson-philThis weekend, Republicans and conservatives from across the country have come to New Orleans to participate in the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference (RLC). On Thursday, to help kickoff the annual event, three speakers (two with celebrity-political credentials, former Alaska Governor and Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and one with Reality TV popularity, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson) took the stage. Among the many topics discussed by them and the other speakers were religion, Louisiana U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and President Obama.  


Sarah Palin recently announced her endorsement of Col. Rob Maness for Louisiana US Senator. Palin explained her support by pointing to his independence - the fact that he is not “beholden to any political machine.” She said: “It’s been this political machine, that permanent political establishment, that permanent class there in DC that has been out of touch from what we believe in. [Maness] certainly respects the wisdom of the people, and we are expecting, praying for, hoping the wisdom of the people to manifested in the vote for your next United States Senator Rob Maness!”

Not surprisingly, both Palin and Maness, who was also present, criticized incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu for her relationship to President Obama. [] They pointed out that she has voted with him more than 95% of the time, including voting for Obamacare, an unpopular program in Louisiana. The President himself was also the target of much of the criticism. Palin mocked Obama for his “hopey-changey stuff.”  She also commented on the growing Veterans Administration scandal: “Unfortunately, the Obama doctrine dismisses the price our veterans have paid for our freedom. Perhaps what our president doesn’t understand today is freedom isn’t free. If you love freedom, you thank a vet.”

Another speaker who weighed in on the Obama administration was Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. He called the White House “evil and wicked.” He also said: “I watch what I see coming out of the White House and it is downright embarrassing. How many lies are we going to tolerate? Our Founding Fathers created the greatest republic on the face of the earth and we screwed it up in 238 years. But I’m not throwing in the towel yet on it. As was said, the surest way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

In addition to bashing the Obama administration, Robertson talked about one of his favorite subjects: religion. The recipe for turning the Republican party around, he said, is to “get godly.” During his speech, he cited the Bible, referenced prayers by John Adams and George Washington and read religious legislation. He also said: “You lose your religion, you lose your morality, you lose your freedom.You cannot be right for America if you are not right with God. If the country does not turn to God at a fairly rapid clip, we are going to lose the United States of America.”

Robertson also expressed his concern for Supreme Court decisions that he perceives as attacks on religion: “We threw God out of the schools. We threw God out of the courthouses. “Separation of church and state? I’m telling you right [now] what our Founding Fathers said and it doesn’t sound like separating God Almighty from the United States of America. It’s a lie. You remove the Bible out of schools, it was said more 200 years ago, and you are going to be wasting so much time punishing criminals. Education is useless without the Bible. Take the Bible out of schools and there’s going to be an explosion of crime.”

Bobby Jindal, like Robertson, has been very visible in the debate on religion and religious liberty. In his introduction, he asked the audience in jest whether everyone enjoyed Obama saying at the National Prayer Breakfast, “If you like your religion, you can keep your religion.” He also insisted that “America did not create religious freedom, religious freedom created America.”

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