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Media talks Jindal's Duck Dynasty super promo

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jindal-duckOn Wednesday night this week, Gov. Bobby Jindal made a guest appearance in the season premiere of Duck Dynasty. The Governor has previously been very open about his fondness for the show and the Robertson family. When Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, was criticized for his viewpoints on homosexuality, Jindal went out and defended him. Furthermore, Gov. Jindal gave the family the Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. The Robertsons were the first recipient of this award. The season premiere showed the awards ceremony.

 Here is a taste of what local and regional media sources are publishing on the topic.  Also, below is the excerpt of the Jindal appearance.

Julia O’Donoghue, “Bobby Jindal Appears on Duck Dynasty Wednesday at 9 PM”

Excerpts from the live feed:

9:08 pm: Jindal is tweeting about the episode, asking his followers who their favorite Robertson is. Apparently, Jase Robertson is the pick for the Jindal family.
9:13 pm: I don't think a minute goes by in this episode of Duck Dynasty without them mentioning Jindal.
9:15 pm: So at the time that Jindal gave this special award to the Duck Dynasty crew, it had never been given to anyone else in Louisiana before. Some people wondered if the governor had created the award just for the Robertsons (and also so he could be on their television show.) Recently (maybe last week?), Jindal actually ended up giving the same award to another business in the Houma area. SO now it seems people other than the Robertsons will get the award.
9:22 pm: Jindal continues to tweet about the Robertsons throughout the episode. Also, he just tweeted an article from the Monroe News-Star about Jindal's appearance on the show.
9:31 pm: The governor prays with the Robertsons. (I think the Robertsons pray at the end of every episode?)
9:34 pm: We're done. I have to say...I'm a little bit surprised by how much time Jindal got on the television show. The whole episode was pretty much centered around his arrival. Well played Governor...well played.

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O’Donoghue’s article also featured a poll. Friday morning, 44.2% of the 586 voters were happy to see Jindal on the show. 24.57% did not think that Jindal should have appeared on the show. However, the people who were happy to see Jindal on the show were not necessarily Jindal supporters. Apresdeluge wrote in the comment field: “Your poll question is not an easy one. On the surface, I would think that it is stupid for Jindal to appear on such a stupid show. With further thought, I am glad that he made the appearance because it shows consistency. He relishes being part of "stupid" things as a card carrying member of the "stupid" party.” The readers bayoubarman and old yat are not happy with Governor, either.

bayoubarman: “Just a made up award so that booby can get some facetime with the right wings new icons of ignorance. Pandering to the gay hating gun loving morons that are his power base.”

old yat: “I have to agree with you! Though not a fan of Bobby Jindal, I did vote for him when he ran. He is posturing for a lobbyist job,as I think he knows his Presidential nomination will never happen. As far as a job in the health sector goes....that is supposed to be his forte,so only time will tell. Jindal is a very smart person,sometimes I think he is too smart for his own good and as smart as he is,he does lack basic communication skills. His brain is working way too fast for his mouth and thus when he is speaking in front of a crowd,it almost always leaves people wondering what the hell was he talking about!”

Greg Hilburn, Shreveport Times: “Gov. Bobby Jindal Makes Guest Apperance in ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season Premiere Tonight”

Excerpt from article:
Jindal said he couldn’t reveal his plot line because of a confidentiality agreement.
“The Robertson family epitomizes what it means to be a homegrown Louisiana business,” Jindal told The News-Star. “We are proud of the economic boom Louisiana is seeing, and a large part of this is due to the expansion of individuals who run small businesses like the Duck Commanders do.
“My family and I had so much fun hanging out with the Robertsons and participating in the filming of Duck Dynasty was a highlight.”

Alanna Quillen, “Jindal Speaks on Appearance in 'Duck Dynasty' Premiere This Week”

Excerpt from article:
He didn't show up until the very end of the episode, where the show featured Jindal giving a speech for that award.
We caught up with the governor on Thursday as he visited the ArkLaMiss --  he says his kids are huge Duck Dynasty fans.

"The family and I had a great time watching the show last night. I've got three young kids, especially the boys, they're 10 and 7. I joke that I've been governor for 6 and a half years, and I haven't really done a lot that has impressed them. This impressed them. They watch every episode multiple times, they memorize scenes."

Jindal says he feels like the Robertson family gives a good representation of Louisiana values to the rest of the country.

"I'm so proud of those guys, I think they exemplify Louisiana values. Great Louisiana family, great Louisiana business. Sends the message out to millions of Americans that Louisiana is a great place to do business, a great place to raise a family, a great place to create jobs," he said.

Jindal added that he's been friends with the Roberstson family even before he was governor and even before the family had a show.

"As the father of three young kids, I love the fact there's a show where you don't have to worry about the language, you don't have to worry about the images, you don't have to cover your kids eyes and ears when they watch the show, they can just enjoy it and the whole family can enjoy it," he said. "There's so much on TV today that's not appropriate for young kids. I'm glad there's at least this show where our kids can watch it with their parents."

Michelle Millhollon, The Advocate: “Gov. Jindal Cameo Not a Hit with Viewers”

Excerpt from article:
The numbers are in, and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s cameo on “Duck Dynasty” didn’t cause ratings to take flight and soar.
The West Monroe-filmed reality TV show continued its steady slide in viewership Wednesday night, despite a visit from Jindal. In six months, “Duck Dynasty” has lost nearly 4 million viewers. Popular culture experts now can start debating whether the drop-off is due to “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks or to viewers’ ever-changing interests.
American television watchers preferred a dancing competition and O.J. Simpson’s legal saga to a 30-minute “Duck Dynasty” episode centered around the governor’s visit. Jindal was in town to give an entrepreneurial award to Duck Commander, the duck call business that made the Robertson family wealthy and landed them a cable TV show….

Jindal appeared at ease on camera. He ribbed the Robertsons and aimed a basketball into a hoop in their warehouse. It was an easy shot from a small distance, but the stakes were high. The Robertsons wanted a ride on Air Force One if Jindal missed. Jindal made the shot, avoiding an awkward call to the White House about borrowing the president’s plane.

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