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For Meyer Sabludowsky, on Father’s Day, we honor our blessings

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sabludowsky meyerOn Father’s Day, and of course, on Mother’s Day, we look outward and upward.

Many of us reach out to parents who are now facing the sun setting on their lives. They are the fortunate ones.


Then, there are those, like me, who have lost both and who must tilt head and heart upward to the heavens.   My parents’ chapter closed when my Father’s took his last breath on a during the week hours one Friday morning.

During my moments of intense grief, I did what I always try to do—gather my thoughts by expressing my words.

So, please allow me to share them with you today as all of us peer through the memories of our bonds and the fragilities of our souls.   

From an older version of dated November 3, 2006

Every person has had the privilege of having a father and a mother.  Most of them have been the driving and moving forces of our lives.  My dad, Meyer Sabludowsky was one of those people. 

He had just made 96.  His heart failed him but not his will for life. 

My father, as your loved ones, was a magnificent person.  He should be remembered as a most loving and caring husband of his wife, my mother, who died only a few years ago and as a person who was a living role model for so many, who in turn, loved him so.

He died suddenly an hour ago after struggling. 

We all mourn for the frailties and the deaths of our loved ones.    It is times like this in which we do so fittingly honor our fathers, our mothers and all of our loved ones and friends.  Life is too short and it leaves us unexpectedly.  May the demise of my father be symbolic of all of the love in the world which makes all of us so special.  He embraced life so.  He was a man who sacrificed so dearly for so many. 

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Honoring our Fathers (and Mothers)

Let our collective hearts flow with joy and comfort that a beautiful person has lived and has passed on to a better world.  May his life help bring peace and love to all.  If presence on this earth represents any one thing, please may it be that we all honor our loved ones as much as we can and as deeply as is possible. 

Meyer Sabludowsky was a hard working and most decent, giving human being.  It was truly my honor to be his son.

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