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Mark Romig: Every New Orleans festival has its first year

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romig-webcast2In part one of the recent Bayoubuzz webcast interview with Mark Romig, President of New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, Romig said his organization is “working with a group right now on a new festival that would appear and premiere next March around Entrepreneur Week.” He said: “I can't release information yet because it's still in a formative stage, but we're providing them some consult.”

 In part 2, Romig elaborates:

Sabludowsky: And Tim Williams and the gang have done an outstanding job with the entrepreneurship event, so it seems to me that would just be a great opportunity to broaden, you know...tourists and people coming into town. Last year, there were 5,000 people, I believe.

Romig: Yeah, Tim and his group at the Idea Village have done just a magnificent job about putting entrepreneurship on the map here. And now New Orleans being considering one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the nation. That speaks legions about the focus, the passion. And you know, I wanted to say to, every festival that's in existence now started with the first year. The Jazz Festival; it had its first year. The Po'boy Festival or the Oyster Festivals; all of these festivals through the years to be what they are today, but it had to start at least one year, the first year. And you know, I would say to those interested in having their festival started, look around, see what's not being celebrated, and throw a festival around it. But you know, you need corporate support; you need that initial funding. An idea, let that idea germinate, and let's see where it goes.

Romig: If it fills hotel rooms, I'm all for it. 

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Sabludowsky: I have an idea for a festival, a Webcast Fest. We can do that.

Romig: Yes.

Sabludowsky: Yeah, so, there it is; it's out there. So, tell me, in terms of just a follow-up with where we're going. Are there organizations where people can join or groups where people can join to talk about ideas and how to get sponsors and things of that nature?

Romig: There really isn't anything in place, though that's a good idea for an organization, by the way. But you can talk to some of the principals from the Idea Village who can help provide some initial thinking on how do someone generate interest in, you know, to build a capital case study. Because you know, all this depends on the opportunity to have some funding behind it because you can only do so much with volunteers. You're going to need to pay for logistics, whatever it takes to pull together a decent festival. But you know, we've got such a creative class here now. People who were either born in New Orleans or coming in from other parts of the country bring in their thoughts and ideas around doing all sorts of new things. So it seems to me you'd be well met by individuals or organizations who want to support an idea, but again, you got to find a kernel for that idea that will attract some interest to build a festival. Again, the Po'boy Festival. Think about that. It came up after Katrina. It was a way to really help come back as a viable retail location in the Carrollton neighborhood. The Idea Village was behind it, help supporting it from a standpoint of pushing it forward and making it believe in itself. And look at it now! Those of you who have been to the Po'boy Festival...It is, I think, one of the more magnificent neighborhood festivals in our city. Who knew that you could do Po'boys fifty ways? But we certainly show it. It's a great way to spend time in New Orleans, and hat’s off o the Po'boy Festival and what they have done.

Upcoming New Orleans Festival--Festigals, watch video for more..

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