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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 16:39

Maness Cassidy faceoff, Demos on Vitter attack

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cassidy-maness In an e-mail, Col. Rob Maness’s campaign manager Michael D. Byrne writes that “the choice in the Louisiana Senate race is becoming clearer and clearer.” He argues that Bill Cassidy misrepresented the NorthShore Republican Men’s Club Meet the Press Dinner as a “meet and greet” for himself on Facebook. This choice, Byrne asserts, is evidence of “the stark contrast between the politicians and the people.” Unlike Cassidy, Maness, he writes, supported and valued the efforts of his local Republican Club, asking his campaign staff to promote the event to area Republicans.


Here are statements from Byrne's campaign email:

The choice in the Louisiana Senate race is becoming clearer and clearer! Last week, we announced that Rob would cris-cross the state to appear at events from Shreveport to Slidell -- including the NorthShore Republican Men's Club Meet the Press Dinner this past Friday night.

Rob even asked our staff to promote the event to area Republicans to support the work of his local Republican Club which is working so hard to defeat Sen. Landrieu in the primary and the run-off.

But how did Congressman Cassidy play it? He posted a photo on Facebook implying the event was a "meet and greet" for him. Cassidy even had the gall to use a photo that showed Rob just a few feet away at his supposed "meet and greet!"

(See photo above)

Friends, it's times like this that show the stark contrast between the politicians and the people. On the one hand, you see Congressman Cassidy co-opting and misrepresenting the work of a local Republican organization for his own benefit -- no acknowledgment of the NorthShore Republican Men's Club and no mention of the members of the press who took time to appear there.

On the other hand, you see Rob - One of Us! - supporting and valuing the efforts of his local Republican club. 



Demos slap Cassidy, Vitter

The Louisiana Democrats are not happy with Congressman Cassidy, either. For the past week, they write, Cassidy has refused to weigh in Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Passport to the Middle Class initiative. The pass will make higher education more affordable by increasing Pell Grants and allowing students to refinance private and federal student loans. The Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk said: “Congressman Cassidy is focused on pointing fingers and playing political games, instead of giving Louisiana voters substantive answers on issues that matter to middle-class families, like college affordability. Cassidy’s refusal to respond is a real problem for the three-term congressman, who thinks he can ask Louisiana voters for a promotion, while leaving them in the dark on his stance on making college more affordable.”


The Louisiana Democrats also lashes against Sen. David Vitter, calling him the “least effective member of the U.S. Senate.” The Louisiana Democratic Party Chair, Karen Carter Peterson, asserts that Vitter is simultaneously taking shots at Jindal for campaigning for higher office and ignoring his current job to position himself to run for Governor. When Vitter spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club today, he admitted that he still needed to do more “homework” on the state budget, Common Core, and the levee board lawsuit.

Peterson also points out that Vitter kept his opinion on the Medicaid expansion to himself until after the session: “It’s a shame that he waited until after session to make his opinions known -- his voice would have been a welcome one during Senator Ben Nevers’ committee hearing on his constitutional amendment. If he’s truly serious, we hope he will urge the governor and his legislative allies to call a special session to expand access to affordable health care. Ultimately, Louisianians need a governor that is ready to do the job now, someone who has been fighting back against the devastating policies of our current governor, not someone who still needs to do his ‘homework.’”

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