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LAGOP Tea Party feud? Vitter presser; McAlister duke Duck Dynasty?

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crouere-radio-hangout-picWGSO’s Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz’s Stephen Sabludowsky discussed a variety of topics today during their weekly Radio-Google hangout webcast.


Below is the transcript and video of their discussion about the Tea Party, LAGOP, Cassidy vs. Maness, Vitter Medicaid expansion comments and the future of the kissing Congressman Vance McAlister: 

Crouere: So let's talk about some of the issues, and we'll take some of these calls. One of the things we've been talking about this morning: the, of course, battle going on in the Louisiana Republican Party got, of course, some saying they need to get behind one candidate; others saying, "Hey, they need to process, go forward." That's my position, that we shouldn't be jumping in to endorse anybody now. Obviously, some party leaders disagree with that. We had a lot of response to the column at Bayoubuzz.com from various Republican operatives. 

Sabludowsky: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And, you know, first of all, thank you for writing the column. You know, I mean, it's really funny because I personally got attacked for the headline and you wrote the column. You know, I mean, that's how emotional this whole thing is. You know, you probably know more about this than I do. I mean, people have said to me and, I think, to you also, that there's a lot of people who are, say, Tea Party people, who are supporting Cassidy, and so your column was off base. And then there's a debate issue: who's in the Tea Party and who's supportive of the Tea Party? And that's, I think, what's happening here. It's certainly, I think, a very good column, and I think it opens up a really good area of discussion. 

Crouere: Yeah, and we'll see what happens. The polls are continuing to come out. One poll up in North Louisiana was interesting in that it showed Col. Maness with 16% of the vote, which was his high watermark. I think it'll be interesting to see if that trend continues. I know Paul Hollis is gearing up more. People continue to have questions about Cassidy and whether he is the real deal. Is he a real conservative? What's going on with him and Cassidy Care and all these other issues where, you know, maybe he's not as conservative as we're led to believe by some of these operatives. 

Sabludowsky: Well, that's, you know, going to be an issue. Keep in mind, Jindal basically had also promoted the idea of expanding Medicaid back in, I think, 2007. But the state would have to pay more of the bill that time. So, you know, things evolved. They need to be questioned about these things, though.

 Crouere: Now let's stay on that issue of expanding Medicaid because that's what David Vitter said he would consider, which I thought surprising, I guess if he was elected Governor.

 Sabludowsky: Yeah, that surprised me, also. My general feeling - and I wasn't there, and I really wanted to go, but I didn't go - reading the reports and all is that, number one, he didn't want to make any commitments to anything because he wants some time to look at some things. He wasn't really familiar with all the aspects of Common Core, the levee lawsuit legislation. And so I think that he was just out there, throwing stuff out there to get the conversation going. He may have wanted to moderate his stances a little bit, rather than be the Senator No, or Senator Neaux, you know, or which he has been, I believe, in the last, say, six years or more and ten years. And I think that's kinda it. So what's your take? I mean, you know...

 Crouere: Well, yeah, he might be trying to moderate his image a little; he might be trying to expand his appeal beyond just conservatives. I think he's laying the groundwork to run for Governor. What's interesting is that, you know, the kissing Congressman Vance McAlister said that party leaders were telling him to resign because of his escapade with the aide. But one person who told him to stand fast was David Vitter. And I thought that was interesting due to Vitter's own, I guess, scandal. That Vitter told McAlister to, you know, not bow to the pressure and to hang on. And then McAlister sort of was holding on to that as one of the reasons why he didn't resign. And he stayed. And now he's going to have his hands full because the nephew of Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty clan, Zach Dasher, who I saw at the RLC a few weeks ago - very impressive guy - is going to be running, and I think that would torpedo any hope Vance McAlister has. I don't know about your thoughts. 

Sabludowsky: Well, there are two issues as I see it. Number one issue is, you know, what do I think about, say, Vitter giving that kind of advice to McAlister? And obviously, there's probably nobody in politics that I know of that could give that kind of advice other than Vitter in terms of local politics. And he wrote a book. So it is interesting. And yeah, McAlister is considering running, so he's going to have some competition. I wonder if they're forming the Duck Party.

 Crouere: I mean, they seem to be doing a lot of politics, not just duck hunting, hah? And their TV show; they're really entering into the political fray, it seems.

 Sabludowsky: Yeah, I mean, they have an image that they're trying to adhere to. This is the way that they express themselves. Whether or not they're power brokers will remain...we'll have to see.

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