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Scalise, Keystone Pipeline, Lenar Whitney, Landrieu in news

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KEYSTONE-COPSSteve Scalise, the Keystone Pipeline, new Mary Landrieu commercials and Louisiana Representative Lenar Whitney are in the political news today. 

Also, just in, a new Landrieu-Koch commercial debate



The board of the Greater New Orleans Republicans encourages the election of U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California to Majority Leader in the Republican caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives and for the election of U.S. Representative Steve Scalise of Jefferson as Majority Whip in the event McCarthy is chosen Majority Leader. President of GNOR, Andy Dupre, said via an email news release: “The Republican caucus in the US House of Representatives would greatly benefit from the elevation of young Republican leaders such as McCarthy and Scalise to higher leadership positions.”


The political debate over and future of the Keystone Pipeline XL construction might not be better scripted by the Keystone Cops.   Today's development shows how much of the discourse is more about politics than the future of American energy production and jobs.


Today, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has published a video on the internet that highlights Sen. Mary Landrieu’s “ineffectiveness” as Chair of the Senate Energy Committee. Landrieu has been touting the importance of her chairmanship for the state of Louisiana.  After the Senate committee vote, Landrieu Senatorial campaign responded blaming Cassidy, her opponent, of hurting the Pipeline chances of succeeding by parroting the “party-line”. 

The NRSC video also shows a snippet from of Rob Maness, a Republican and favorite of the Tea Party, who the party is not supporting.  Recently, the state and national party threw its support to Cassidy.  


Mary Landrieu’s campaign is also releasing videos. Today, three new I’m with Mary videos were published, spotlighting New Orleans residents Wadsworth A. Davis, Tiger Hammond, and Virginia Saussy. Davis supports Landrieu because of her efforts for New Orleans after Katrina; Hammond asserts that being with Mary is “a no brainer”; Saussy emphasizes Landrieu’s history of advocating for Louisiana businesses and her powerful position as Chair of the Senate Energy Committee. Watch videos here: Davis, Hammond, and Saussy


According to Jeremy Alford of, State Rep. Lenar Whitney (R-Houma) will announce today that her campaign has raised its first $100,000. Whitney is attempting to win the seat vacated by Bill Cassidy in the 6th Congressional District. Also in this race are entrepreneur Paul Dietzel; former Chairman of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Garret Graves; Tea Party columnist Bob Bell; disabled veteran and PhD candidate Norm Clark; former LSU football player Dr. Charles “Trey” Thomas; and former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.


The following is a statement by Landrieu Campaign Manager Adam Sullivan following the release of a new television ad by the Koch Brothers-funded organization Generation Opportunity attacking Senator Landrieu:

“This ad is yet another lame attempt by the Koch Brothers and their anonymous billionaire allies to distract from the fact that Senator Landrieu is the only candidate in this race fighting to keep college affordable for Louisiana families and the middle class. More laughable, Generation Opportunity is literally attacking Senator Landrieu for the exact same votes their candidate, Congressman Bill Cassidy, has taken.

"However, unlike Congressman Cassidy or Rob Maness, Mary Landrieu is the only one in this race that has put forward a plan to increase college affordability with her Passport to the Middle Class. It's been nearly 10 days since Senator Landrieu asked the Louisiana delegation to sign on to the legislation, and, subsequently, nearly 10 days of silence by Congressman Cassidy.

"Louisiana families are beginning to realize that you can’t trust Congressman Cassidy or his Koch-backed anti-Louisiana agenda.”


TITLE Shopping Cart
DATE 6/18/14

VO: Washington Politicians, like Senator Mary Landrieu, have a spending problem.

Young Woman: I told you we can’t afford that.

VO: They’re wasting money they don’t have. And sticking our generation with the bill.

On Screen: An 18-Year Old’s Share of the National Debt: $800,000 , US Senate Committee on the Budget


Cassidy Voted to Raise the Debt Limit in Two Steps While Establishing a Super Committee to Make Deficit Reduction Recommendations and Reducing the Deficit By $2.4 Trillion. In August 2011, Cassidy voted for passage of a last minute compromise debt ceiling bill that would provide a process to reduce the deficit by up to $2.4 trillion. The measure would allow the president to raise the debt limit immediately by $400 billion, with an additional $500 billion subject to a resolution of disapproval. It would set discretionary spending caps that would reduce the deficit by $917 billion in fiscal 2012 through 2021 and establish a firewall between security and non-security spending for fiscal 2012 and 2013. It would establish a bipartisan, bicameral committee tasked with making recommendations to reduce the deficit by $1.5 trillion. It would require across-the-board cuts to non-exempt discretionary and mandatory accounts by up to $1.2 trillion over fiscal 2013 through 2021 if committee reductions totaling $1.2 trillion were not enacted. The measure would require Congress to vote on a balanced-budget constitutional amendment by the end of 2011. It also would provide for an additional debt limit increase of $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion, subject to a resolution of disapproval. The bill passed 269-161. [HR 365, Vote 690, 8/01/11]

Cassidy Supported Allowing Treasury Department to Continue Borrowing Once Debt Limit Is Reached. In 2013, Cassidy voted for passage of the bill that would allow the Treasury Department to continue borrowing once the statutory debt limit is reached, to pay the principal and interest on government debt and obligations from the Social Security Trust Fund. It would require the Treasury Department to report weekly to the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees as long as the special borrowing authority is in use. As amended, it also would prohibit the Treasury secretary from borrowing above the debt limit to pay for compensation for members of Congress. The bill passed by a vote of 221-207. [HR 807, Vote #142, 5/9/13]

Cassidy Voted to Temporarily Suspend Debt Limit, Automatically Increase Debt Ceiling to Cover Debts Incurred by May 18, 2013. In 2013, Cassidy voted for passage of the bill that would suspend the limit on government borrowing through May 18, 2013 and then automatically increase the current $16.4 trillion ceiling to accommodate additional debt accumulated through that date. It also would suspend the salary payments to members in either chamber that does not adopt a fiscal 2014 budget resolution by April 15, 2013. Salaries of members of a chamber that do not adopt a budget by that time would be placed into an escrow account and would not be released until the chamber adopted a budget or until the last day of the 113th Congress, in January 2015. [CQ; HR 325, Vote #30, 1/23/13]


6/25/13: Politifact Agreed The Deficit Was Falling At the Fastest Rate In 60 Years. “Barack Obama said the deficit has fallen at the fastest rate in 60 years. While economists vary on how to best measure that decline, the president used an acceptable approach and his numbers are accurate. There are no statistical tricks in play. Our experts warned against reading too much into Obama’s claim. While Obama did not spend much time one way or the other on the significance of the decline in the deficit, he didn’t mention ongoing concerns over the national debt. We rate the statement True.” [6/25/13]

April 2014: Smallest March Deficit Recorded Since 2000. “The Treasury Department said on Thursday that the federal budget deficit for the first half of the 2014 fiscal year totaled $413 billion, down $187 billion from where it stood at this point last year, as tax revenue surged and spending sank. In March, the Treasury collected $216 billion in taxes, up 16 percent from a year ago, helping reduce the deficit for the month to $37 billion, from $107 billion last year. Spending also sank by 14 percent, or $40 billion. The budget gap last month was the smallest deficit recorded for the month of March since 2000, when economic growth was running at a much faster pace than it is today.” [New York Times, 4/10/2014]

VO: This doesn’t make sense.

Young Woman: Put that back.

VO: 10% of us are unemployed.

On Screen: 10% of Young Louisianians are unemployed. US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Senator Landrieu Sponsored Legislation That Would Increase The Value Of A Pell Grant And Allow Students To Refinance Debt At A Lower Rate. “College could become more affordable for the middle class if an initiative by U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-New Orleans, receives enough support. Landrieu’s Passport to the Middle Class plan includes an act that would increase the maximum Pell Grant award from $5,730 to $8,900 per year and another that would allow those with student loan debt to refinance to a rate of 3.86 percent. ‘A college degree should help individuals build dreams, not debt,’ Landrieu said in a prepared statement.” [The Daily Advertiser, 6/4/14]

Senate Republicans Filibustered The Measure To Help Student Loans. “The Senate shot down a proposal Wednesday to allow Americans paying off student loans to refinance at a lower rate, bringing yet another Democratic priority to a grinding halt. The bill, authored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., failed to clear a procedural hurdle that would have brought it up for consideration in the face of Republican opposition. It went down by a vote of 56 to 38. It would have affected an estimated 40 million people begin paying a lower interest rate on their loans, but never would have won GOP support because of the way it was paid for: a minimum tax of 30 percent on Americans earning between $1 and $2 million each year. “ [CBS, 6/11/14]


Bill Cassidy Voted For The Ryan Budget For FY 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. [H. Con. Res. 96, Vote #177, 4/10/14; H. Con. Res. 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13; H. Con. Res. 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12; H. Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11]

Bill Cassidy Voted For The Republican Study Committee Budget For FY 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. [H. Con. Res. 96, Vote #175, 4/10/14; H.Con.Res.25, Vote #86, 3/20/13; H.Con.Res.112, Vote #149, 3/29/12; H.Con.Res.34, Vote #275, 4/15/11]


Cassidy Praised The Ryan Budget’s Approach To Pell Grants, Saying It Sustained The Program And Kept The Money Going To The Neediest. The Advocate wrote about the fight over federal funding to Pell Grants in 2012: “But U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, backs the Ryan plan and chastises Obama for not yet addressing the 2014 cliff. ‘It's good politics in an election year, but not sustainable,’ Cassidy said of Obama. The Ryan budget sustains the Pell program and keeps the money going to the neediest, he said.” [The Advocate, 4/15/12]

The FY 2015 Ryan Budget Would Cut Pell Grants Funding For Louisiana Students By $43.2 Million. [White House, 4/9/14]

The FY 2015 RSC Budget Would Cut Pell Grants Funding For Louisiana Students By $79.2 Million. [DSCC, DPCC, and Third Way analysis, April 2014]

The FY 2015 Ryan Budget Would Cut Pell Grants Entirely For 9,030 Louisiana Students. [White House, 4/9/14]

The FY 2015 RSC Budget Would Cut Pell Grants Entirely For 16,555 Louisiana Students. [DSCC, DPCC, and Third Way analysis, April 2014]

The 2014 RSC Budget Eliminated Subsidized Stafford Loans For Undergraduates. “The Budget Control Act of 2011 ended in-school subsidies for graduate students, and the RSC budget proposes a policy that would end in-school subsidies for undergraduate students. This would save $54 billion over ten years.” [Republican Study Committee FY 2014 Budget, accessed 5/10/13]

VO: And one third are back in our parent’s house.

On Screen: 1/3 of Young Adults are living in their Parent’s Basement. Pew Research Center.

Cashier: And that’s going to be $800,000

Woman: She’s got it.

Young Woman: No, pay for it yourself.

VO: Tell Mary Landrieu, that’s our money. Stop wasting it.

On Screen: Tell Senator Mary Landrieu. That’s OUR Money. STOP wasting it! 202-224-5824. Paid for by Generation Opportunity.


Generation Opportunity Is “The Koch Network’s Youth Advocacy Nonprofit.” “A ‘youth advocacy organization’ is seeking directors, volunteer coordinators and event coordinators in multiple states who have worked on national political campaigns, and have voter identification and turnout experience. The Koch network’s youth advocacy nonprofit is called Generation Opportunity and it, like the organization in the postings and many Koch-backed non-profits, is based in the Washington suburb of Arlington, Va.” [Politico, 1/24/14]

Generation Opportunity “Part Of A Coalition Of Right-Leaning Organizations With Financial Ties To” Charles And David Koch. “Generation Opportunity, a Virginia-based group that is part of a coalition of right-leaning organizations with financial ties to billionaire businessmen and political activists Charles and David Koch, will launch a six-figure campaign aimed at convincing young people to ‘opt-out’ of the Obamacare exchanges.” [Yahoo News, 9/19/13]


Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting For The Export Import Bank, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; HR 2072, Vote #224, 5/9/12]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting For The Ryan-Murray Budget Deal, Which Cassidy Supported As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; HJ Res 59, Vote #60, 12/12/13]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting For January 2014 Appropriations Bill, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; HR 3547, Vote #21, 1/15/14]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting To Suspend The Debt Limit, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; HR 325, Vote #30, 1/23/13]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting For The Budget Control Act, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; HR 365, Vote 690, 8/01/11]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For Voting Patriot Act Reauthorization, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [Generation Opportunity, 6/18/14; S 990, Vote #376, 5/26/11]

Generation Opportunity Attacked Senator Landrieu For The FISA Reauthorization, Which Cassidy Voted For As Well. [HR 5949, Vote #569, 9/12/12]

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