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LABI, Waguespack back Common Core, opposed by Jindal

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labi-logoAre we seeing the first real skirmish between Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and one of his major hand-picked appointments?

 The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry has taken on the Jindal administration’s policy on Common Core. The President and CEO of LABI, Stephen Waguespack, who was a major staffer for the Jindal administration, is now at odds with Jindal in policy, although he and his organization are not pointing fingers or naming names in their defenses of what has become a power-keg issue.  

In a recently released video, LABI brings in a variety of voices in support of Common Core. Lauren Trahan, a teacher from Lafayette, opens the video by emphasizing the importance of doing research before making up one’s mind about Common Core. If people thoroughly look at Common Core, they will, she argues, understand that it broadens, not limits, our educational spectrum. Trahan also asserts that Common Core revolutionized her classroom.

Brigitte Neiland, VP of Education and Workforce Development in LABI points to the concrete positive results that parents will see in their children’s performance, for example increased ACT scores. Neiland also made clear that the economic development and prosperity of Louisiana depends on a high quality of education.

LABI President Stephen Waguespack also speaks in the video, focusing on the importance of Louisiana’s ability to compete nationally and globally. Currently, he argues, we can’t even compete with other states. Common Core, he says, is the right thing for any state that wants to compete globally. Waguespack’s argument was supported by one parent’s testimonial saying that when she moved out of state, she noticed that her children were not as academically advanced as their peers.

Watch the video here.

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