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Jindal signs student privacies, smaller government, DOE and child support laws

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capitol-newToday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law legislation dealing with the powers of the Department of Education, students’ privacies, government efficiencies and the extraction of gambling winnings to provide child support.
Here are the press statements from Jindal’s office relative to these new laws.

Today, Governor Jindal announced he signed HB 1076 by Rep. Schroder, which prohibits the collection and sharing of certain personal student information. The bill also enacts penalties to help further protect the privacy of students. This legislation was part of Governor Jindal’s 2014 legislative package.
Governor Jindal said, “I am proud to sign HB1076 into law, which will ensure student personal information is protected. Our children and parents should not have to fear the exposure of private, personal information when they enroll in school, and this bill helps prevent abuses.”
HB 1076 prohibits the involuntary collection of certain student data, which includes information related to religious practice, income, biometric information, social security numbers and political affiliation.

Today, Governor Jindal announced he signed HB 1013 by Rep. Schexnayder, which repeals several state boards and commissions. This legislation was part of Governor Jindal’s 2014 legislative package.
Governor Jindal said, “I am proud to sign HB1013 into law, which reduces the size and scope of government and makes it work more efficiently for our people.”
HB 1013 repeals the following boards and commissions:
• Atchafalaya Trace Heritage Area Development Zone Review Board
• Broadband Advisory Council
• Catfish Promotion and Research Program and Board
• Coastal Land Stewardship Authority Board of Directors
• Mississippi River Road Commission
• Systemic Initiatives Program Council
• Tri-State Corridor Commission
Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he signed SB 524 by Senator Walsworth, which transfers certain authority related to early learning centers from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to the Department of Education, streamlining early education and its programs under one agency. This legislation, together with other Act 3 implementation bills, helps expand early education options for Louisiana children up to four years of age and their families. This legislation is part of Governor Jindal’s 2014 Legislative Package.
Governor Jindal said, “This legislation will continue the implementation of our early education reforms in Act 3, and it will allow the Department of Education to serve as the lead agency for early education in our state. These new laws will help us increase access to education options for Louisiana’s youngest children.”
SB 524 transfers authority over the Child Care Development Fund from DCFS to DOE. It also transfers oversight and administration of licensing and regulation of early learning centers from DCFS to the Department of Education. The bill also creates a process of transparency for parents, which requires DOE to disclose any standards or rules violations in the past 12 months.
SB 524 also requires BESE to establish the LA Advisory Council on Early Childhood Care and Education while eliminating its predecessor, the La. Advisory Council on Child Care and Early Education, currently housed at DCFS.
Today, Governor Jindal announced that he signed HB 236 by Rep. Chris Broadwater, which allows the state Office of Debt Recovery (ODR) to offset gaming winnings from casinos in order to collect back payments of child support and other state debts. This bill was included in the Governor’s 2014 Legislative Package.
Governor Jindal said, “This bill will provide more options to obtain the payments owed to parents for child support. Sadly, too many delinquent parents are found throughout our state, and today we created another way to hold them accountable for paying the debts they owe to provide for their children.”

HB 236 allows the Office of Debt Recovery to offset gaming winnings to pay for back payments of Child Support and other debt owed to the state. The bill creates a database of outstanding debt, which will be made available to gaming entities. It will allow the gaming entities to search and recognize whether a delinquent parent has winnings that can be offset for payments. The bill also requires that payment of back child support shall be the first priority of payment from gaming offsets.

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