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Obama, media, Democrats tap-dancing on US Constitution

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obama-whistleby Ron Chapman

President Obama has already set a record with twenty unanimous Supreme Court decisions against his administration among other simple majority rejections.  One would think he would re-appraise his approach to governance and recognize that he may be over-extending the constitutional limits of Presidential power.


One would think that members of his own party would come to the realization that he has every intention to violate the limits imposed by the Constitution if they conflict with the realization of his goals.  Yet they willingly allow the offices they swore to protect to be nullified by Presidential decree.  

On a recent newscast a member of the Democratic Party and House of Representatives had no problem with Obama’s bold Executive actions. Even to the point of stating that if Congress does not give the people what they want, it is the President’s duty to do so.   In essence, let the Constitution be damned.

The fact that this Representative willingly subjugates the powers of his branch of government, in violation of his oath of office, is telling.  It appears that respect for law has suffered a fateful blow.  America has a problem when the President of the United States determines on his own what laws he intends to enforce, re-writes legislation to meet his needs, and creates laws through Executive Orders.

The President appears to even hold the Supreme Court with disdain.  He continually minimizes their decisions and seeks to limit their impact through his own interpretation of their rulings.   In effect, ignoring those decisions he feels restrict his power.

Is it not incredibly arrogant for the President to believe that HE knows what the American people want?  Especially in light of the fact that polls continually demonstrate that a majority of citizens do not agree with his positions!   Just how does he determine what “the people” want?  Are we experiencing a revival of the Enlightened Despotism that ruled this country prior to 1776?

Sadly, this Democrat Congressman and the President seem to have lost sight of the fact that the House of Representatives faces re-election every two years.  Thus, if any branch of government best represents the “will of the people”, it is the House.

What is particularly disconcerting is that neither our free press nor members of his own party, take him to task.    They swore to uphold the powers of the House and Senate and are fully aware of the abuses.  The net result of their failure to discipline him only serves to encourage his trek along this extra-constitutional path.  

It is particularly onerous when the President of the United States violates the law without criticism, question, or consequence because it sends a dangerous signal to the citizenry at large.  In the case of the President, this is particularly dangerous when his actions threaten the founding principles that have sustained our republic since 1790.  

The consequence of this is a total breakdown for respect of law.

Ron Chapman is an College educator, award-winning  columnist, businessman and author.  He lives in Chalmette Louisiana.

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