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Thursday, 10 July 2014 16:34

Nagin compassion, Fielkow legacy, Jindal pens despite polls, Maness presses

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While many Nagin-trial watchers were quite surprised and upset with the sentencing of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, one publication, who has been quite critical of the mayor over the years, but who recently has taken on the task of asking for compassion, was quite thankful and appreciative.


An excerpt of a commentary yesterday by the New Orleans Tribune, an African-American focused newspaper:

There was, of course, one problem with the government's call for stiff sentencing for Nagin using Blagojevich and Kilpatrick's crimes as the standard. Nagin did not commit the types of crimes of which those two former public officials were guilty. It appears that no one wants to say it, but we have and will again. He was not ring leader or mastermind of some criminal enterprise. He did not raid the public coffers. And quite frankly, the trips, and gifts of granite and other items he was found guilty of taking in exchange for favors apparently did little to make him rich. Nagin was more foolish and unwise than he was felonious. He may very well be guilty of many things-not the least of which was putting his trust in folks he should not have; but nothing he was found guilty of warrants a 20-year prison term from what we could see.

Just in:

Convicted former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin speaks with WDSU after he was sentenced Wednesday in federal court. He says he was "targeted, smeared, tarnished."
Watch WDSU News at 4 p.m.



While former New Orleans Saints Exec. VP and ex-New Orleans City Councilman, Arnie Fielkow, has moved on to what some might say are “bigger and better things”, his own personal contributions to New Orleans continues despite his departure.

Fielkow, who was instrumental in ensuring that the New Orleans Saints remain in New Orleans post-Katrina, continues to connect with the city.

Here is a press release that shows the interface of Fielkow with Major League Baseball, New Orleans youth, education and a scholarship fund in his father’s name.

A new annual college scholarship program, developed by the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Foundation and the Jack Fielkow Scholarship Fund, has been established to benefit participants of the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy and the “Each One Save One” mentoring organization. The annual scholarships will be worth up to $4,000 for two selected participants who demonstrate academic achievement, community participation, leadership skills and financial need. Scholarship recipients must attend an accredited two- or four-year college, university, vocational school or technical school. 

                Recipients of the scholarship will be selected by a committee of individuals involved in the establishment of the program. This includes Arnie Fielkow, the former New Orleans City Council President and current CEO of the NBA Retired Players Association, who made a $40,000 donation in his father’s name via the Jack Fielkow Scholarship Fund. Louisiana-based First NBC Bank matched Fielkow’s donation to the scholarship program. Arnie Fielkow was instrumental in the establishment of the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy.

“I am very proud of this program that both honors the legacy of my late father, Jack Fielkow, and gives back to youth in my adopted hometown of New Orleans,” Fielkow said. “Both the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy and Each One Save One are tremendous assets for the youth of New Orleans and my family and I are very proud to partner with such outstanding organizations for this scholarship program.”

                “We are very excited that our kids will have this opportunity to secure a college scholarship,” said Eddie Davis, Manager, New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy. “We stress the importance of academic success and strong character just as much as we do the fundamentals on the field, so, we are happy that they will have this chance to help them fulfill their dreams through higher education.”

“Just as he has been a true supporter of youth in New Orleans, Arnie Fielkow has been a long-time supporter of Each One Save One,” said Cathy Harris, co-founder of Each One Save One. “We are thrilled to have Arnie and his family once again behind us through this scholarship program in conjunction with the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy.”

The New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy at Wesley Barrow Stadium opened in 2012, replacing a 55-year-old facility that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The facility operates in partnership with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commissioner on a dynamic youth program that provides free, year-round baseball and softball instruction as well as educational and baseball vocation programming for young people from underserved and urban communities throughout southern Louisiana. For more information on the New Orleans Urban Youth Academy and how to get involved, please visit or call Dale Brock at 504-282-0443.

                Each One Save One is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children in the greater New Orleans community by providing an army of volunteer mentors throughout the metropolitan area. For more information on Each One Save One and how to get involved, please visit or call 504-896-9979.


Only members of the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy and Each One Save One are eligible scholarships.


From Rob Maness, who is a candidate for U.S. Senate and who will be the guest at the Baton Rouge Press Club next week, says in a recent press release:
I am that candidate and I will be that senator.

Come on out and learn more during our #SolutionsForUs Town Hall Tour.  Events are being scheduled on a rolling basis.  Each Monday morning more will be announced in our weekly schedule of events.  And when others are confirmed during the week, we'll announce them individually by email, at, and on social media.


Columnist, Presidential hopeful and occasional Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, who on Wednesday slapped at the Hamas in support of Israel in the current conflict in the Middle East, who just co-authored, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a column critical of President Obama's education policy, has written yet, another column, for a national media outlet.  The two international and nationally-focused columns and letter of support for the Jewish State comes at a time when his popularity at home is once again questioned. The PPP poll shows the depth of the lack of Louisiana support compared to  other potential Republican Presidential candidates.  

According to the PPP, Jindal's positive approval rating has climbed from the high twenties but still hovers at a poor 32 percent of Louisiana voters, while 56 percent disapprove.

This is part of an email from the governor’s office.

Read The Full Column

What do we need to turn our country around? Well, for starters, we need a president who stops getting his energy policies from Hollywood movies — and Hollywood liberals.

Consider President Obama’s dithering when it comes to approving the Keystone XL pipeline. First proposed in 2008, this massive infrastructure project would bring low-cost crude oil from fields in Canada southward to the United States. Despite nearly six years of government reviews — and nearly four dozen oil and gas pipelines already safely operating between the U.S. and Canada — the Obama administration and the State Department still have not approved the pipeline.

The president and liberals in his administration apparently believe in energy policies that are a twisted version of Kevin Costner’s vision in Field of Dreams. While Costner believed that “If you build it, they will come,” the administration apparently believes that if it doesn’t approve Keystone XL, the oil resources in Canada will stay where they are.

But President Obama couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the Canadian government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently gave preliminary approval to the Northern Gateway pipeline. That project would transport Canadian crude oil from the fields in Alberta westward to British Columbia. From there, it could be shipped by tanker to countries in the Far East.

So the question is not whether or not crude oil will move from Canada into worldwide consumption; that will occur regardless of the State Department’s decision on Keystone XL. The real question is whether the United States will capitalize on the opportunity that Keystone brings to expand our energy supply and reduce prices for consumers — or whether those benefits will go to other countries, including economic and strategic rivals like China.

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