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Are Medicaid expansion, Obamacare vital issues in Louisiana US Senate race?

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landrieu-blueHow important will the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act be in the upcoming US Senate race?

According to the Opelousas Daily world, the Medicaid expansion of the Affordable Care Act could be quite significant.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, the Affordable Care Act is viewed favorably by 36 percent of those polled, compared to a whopping 62 percent who view the law unfavorably, including 47 percent who list their view as "very unfavorable.

With Landrieu polling well under 50% with only 46%, the three-term US Senator needs for more Louisiana voters to reduce their opposition to the law in order for her to prevail.  Logically, this would also mean that more Louisiana voters must favor the expansion, which provisions failed in the legislature, this spring.

These numbers might explain why outside money such as Koch’s Americans for Prosperity has been consistently clobbering Landrieu on Obamacare and why Bill Cassidy, a medical doctor, continues to blast Obamacare.

Nuances or Hypocrisies

Recently, the Landrieu campaign has been attacking Cassidy on his latest commercial related to Obamacare. 

Cassidy claims that some in Congress exempted staff from Obamacare and says “That’s what’s wrong with Washington.  Let’s replace Obamacare with a health plan that gives power to you, not bureaucrats and politicians.”

Cassidy makes this claim over an image of a 2013 Wall Street Journal article headlined, “Congress’s ObamaCare Exemption.”

Yet, the Landrieu camp cites “hypocrisy” pointing to the fact that Cassidy’s staff members are  receiving subsidies to pay for their insurance premiums.  However, the question becomes whether Cassidy has any control (or not) over whether his staff opt for the DC version of Obamacare as according to an overview in the Advocate, "his staff members serve at his pleasure, they are not his employees: They are employees of Congress, and by extension, of the federal government. 

Read the The Advocate article

Hanging out with Landrieu

On Tuesday, July 15, at 3:10 p.m. CDT/ 4:10 p.m. EDT, U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La.,will host a Google Hangout with current college students and young professionals to discuss how her Passport to the Middle Class Initiative will make college more accessible and affordable. The discussion will happen via Google Hangout and will be streamed lived for the press and public to watch.

In May, Sen. Landrieu introduced her ‘Passport to the Middle Class’ initiative. The initiative includes the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Act that allows responsible borrowers with either private and federal undergraduate loans to refinance at 3.86%. There are nearly 600,000 student loan borrowers in Louisiana, with an average loan of $22,789. Allowing responsible borrowers to get a fair interest rate would save them an average of $8,000 over the life of the loan (25 years).

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