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Maness up, Vitter’s border, Business Report Columnist, Jindal

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vitter-teaOne Maness standing (Or Maness Up)

Louisiana Republican Rep. Paul Hollis, former self-funded candidate for US Senate is now in lockstep with the mainstream Republican Party.  He is supporting Bill Cassidy for the Senate spot against Democrat Mary Landrieu.  This means, the last person standing other than Mary Landrieu and Cassidy is Col. Rob Maness, the Tea Party favorite.  Maness has the supporter of speedster Sarah Palin, the one-time Alaskan Governor, VP nominee and now Indianapolis 500 “qualifier”, after her recent speeding violation.


With Cassidy and Landrieu in a virtual tie based upon the combination of recent polls, and with Landrieu not being able to hit the 50% mark in the polls--which is needed to win come election day, the pressure just might build upon Maness to “man-up” and support Cassidy.  Although Landrieu has won close races in the past, the three-term  US Senator is under strong opposition due to her support of a very unpopular President Obama and his policies.

Immediately after Hollis announced his departure from the race, David Vitter, a strong Cassidy supporter, thanked Hollis for his contribution to the campaign—meaning, thanks for getting out, buddy.  Since then, Hollis suddenly displayed his party stripes by backing Cassidy.  With Vitter able to fund his state campaign by a million dollars to his Super PAC which funds can be distributed as the Vitter PAC sees fit, no telling where those and other dollars might land.

So what about Maness who could stand in the way from a Cassidy first-round win and a Landrieu defeat during the open primary?

What might it take for Maness to vacate the field? 

A little Vitter persuasion, perhaps?

Sometime after qualifying in August, Maness, just might find himself in a carrot-stick situation.  If his poll numbers do not get into high double digits and if he continues to be out-raised and out-spent by Landrieu and Cassidy, he just might find himself in the deep and boiling GOP-pressure pot with a “green-carrot” hovering over his head.  Just what might that offering be?  I would not be surprised if Maness were to leave the US Senate field and suddenly become a strong supporter of the Vitter for Governor campaign and who knows, maybe a Vitter job might be in the offering come 2016, should the current Republican junior US Senator take the Louisiana gubernatorial crown, a race in which, based upon the polls, he currently enjoys a significant lead.

Columnist Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has written a column promoting his “education” philosophy of letting local teachers and parents decide the education choices for the kids rather than an outside bureaucracy.  Jindal, who has taken a brutal beating in the media both locally and nationally since his “born again” opposition to Common Core, has got the Jindal-friendly Business Report, published by former Jindal campaign manager, transition team chairman, and cheerleader Rolfe McAllister to give him media space.

Louisiana constructs

Louisiana led all U.S. states in the value of industrial construction projects during 2013 and was ranked second overall for all commercial construction, according toa new report released Tuesday.  This is another good economic development story among many lately.  However, the question still exists, why is Louisiana doing so well in so many surveys and polls when its productivity over the past three years is doing substantially worse than the rest of the nation.

Vitter securing the border

In a recent twitter post, Vitter has promoted an article that shows his strong and active stance  on the immigration crises.  Last week, he announced he would do whatever it takes to keep the hordes of immigrants currently entering the Southern US  border contained and not allow them into Louisiana.  The current swarm of immigrants are kids escaping central America threats and some say, being encouraged by their families already in the US to find safe haven.  Now, Vitter has authored legislation in the US Senate that reflect his anti-illegal immigration bonafides.

A Vitter tweet today promoted a link to the following story:

According to Radio America Sen. David Vitter (R-Louisiana) is spearheading a legislative approach to address the border crisis, one that he says will result in far more deportations in less time and slam the door shut on the Obama administration’s ability to use it’s own discretion on enforcing the existing laws.

The plan calls for expediting the deportation process, greatly reducing the grounds for asylum in the U.S. and requiring those in violation of immigration laws to be detained until they are sent home.

The senator also says his bill is far more aggressive than the bipartisan plan sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), which also promises to speed up the processing of those in the country illegally.


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