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Chamber backs Landrieu? BESE showdown; Edwards-Graves tweet trash, Vitter’s border

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edwards-trina-news-conferenceChamber Surprise?

In what could be a major surprise to some, assuming the accuracy, the US Chamber of Commerce is reportedly supporting Mary Landrieu in her re-election bid.  Her primary challenger is Republican Rep.Bill Cassidy.


The Chamber has been quite critical of Obamacare over the past few years as Landrieu has been one of the “poster-girls” in anger towards the controversial healthcare law.  The Chamber backed Landrieu in 2008.  Also, according to reports, the Landrieu has done better than Ted Cruz on the Chamber score card, which could offset claims that Landrieu is anti-business.

Twitter Trash Talk

Downright hard to believe that the Louisiana US Congressional campaign has turned into a twitter twit between Republican Garret Graves and Democrat Edwin E. Edwards--and that the focus of the discussion is NOT about oil and gas, abortion or Obamacare. Nope. As the Advocate’s Michelle Millhollen details, the twitter trash talk are Trina Edwards, the cuteness of Graves’ kids versus the Edwards’s recent offspring, and some political prognostications. Can’t wait to this campaign depreciates into a slugfest.

BESE meets to discuss lawsuit
The Louisiana BESE board is set for an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss Common Core and two lawsuits filed last week in the high-profile skirmish between the board and Louisiana Governor Jindal.$file/SBM_Agenda_072914_updated.pdf

One of the major issues is whether the board should hire Phil Preis, Baton Rouge attorney, who has volunteered to represent the board in this skirmish. The Jindal administration has said BESE may not take "an adverse action against the state."(even if the representation were to be Preis’s free legal assistance) however BESE might proceed anyway since the Louisiana Attorney General’s office has approved a BESE action. The BESE meeting is set for 11am.

Vitter and the Border Kids

Louisiana US Senator David Vitter maintains his focus on the “illegal aliens” crises. Here is a video of his statement in US Senate chamber in which he outlines new developments in the children border crossings impacting Louisiana.




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