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Talking Obama, Jindal over-reach, Common Core, Edmonson scandal

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common-coreWhat does President Obama's executive actions have to do with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Common Core behavior?  How is the Jindal's attack on Common Core contract related to the recent controversy involving his Superintendent of State Police Mike Edmonson?


WGSO Radio talk show host, Jeff Crouere, and Bayoubuzz publisher, Stephen Sabludowsky, discussed these issues today in their weekly radio Google Hangout webcast.  Below is the transcription of part one of the interview and the video of the radio webcast. 

SABLUDOWSKY to me, I think it's all pure politics, I think that this is an area the governor has overreached the same thing he is accusing Obama of doing and I think he is losing on this issue, people who definitely don't like Common Core, a lot of people are very upset about the tactics that he is taking and to be fair, some of the people are in favor of what he is doing too

CROUERE: What's gong to be in place as far as the curriculum in the schools across the country

SABLUDOWSKY: That's something i don't know, well, they don't know 

CROUERE: we're weeks away from when school is starting , it's getting very close, don't we need to have all of this ironed out?

SABLUDOWSKY: Yea, he could have, there was a compromise piece of legislation that Representative Legier had put together in the legislature and he vetoed that and that would have at least put us on a course to deal with this situation effectively and for the interim and because of the politics of the situation

SABLUDOWSKY: Look, the bottom line is that the governor is not suppose to set policy (Education) and just as you are saying about the Obama administration, and I agree, unless you have an emergency, a real emergency situation, the President should not get involved in an area that is purely and clearly legislative and here, to singularly go after and this is what is so pathetic about it, to go after this particular contract with PARCC, the people who put together the test and who had the contract with the Department of Education and say, well, there is something that could be wrong  about that contract, when you look at all the incredible things that have gone on during his administration, with his administration, in terms of contracts and in terms of things that have gone wrong and clearly he has not taken positions on and i think with Trooper Lt. Edmonson, is a real good example of that.  A bill that he signed, that Jindal signed that his Superintendent of the State Police had approved legislation at the very last minute that would benefit him 

CROUERE: and one other guy{snippet 79}

SABLUDOWSKY: one other person i think out of houma

CROUERE: right 

SABLUDOWSKY: and there was no public hearing on this and nobody would admit and until finally, it percolated to such an extent, and thank you for allowing me to have Tom Aswell, of the Louisiana Voice on last week who has written a lot about this, I think that shows the hypocrisy of the situation 

CROUERE: so and this is State Police Lt. Col Mike Edmonson and it was his retirement that boosted his pay, about, what,  55,000 a year, for life

SABLUDOWSKY: Roughly, i think about $45,000

Part 2 of the webcast tomorrow


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