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Louisiana Vitter, Melancon Release TV Ad Pumping Loyalty, Effectiveness

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Which candidate, Re;ublican incumbent Senator David Vitter or Democrat Congressman Charlie Melancon is “doing its job”?

If you were to believe David Vitter’s commercials, he is there for the people.  However, if you were to believe Charlie Melancon, he is the one there ready for Louisiana citizens and Senator Vitter is not.

Both candidates for US Senate released commercials today with only one week left to go before the US elections.


Vitter’s commercial, “Doing His Job” shows a woman who obtained his assistance.

The Vitter campaign released this comment describing the commercial:

After trying to get help from several state legislators and other members of the Louisiana delegation, Deborah contacted Senator Vitter’s office, which was able to get her the assistance she needed.

In July 2008, Deborah had a failing liver and needed a life-saving transplant.  She was having trouble with the appropriate agencies on what exactly she needed to do and what steps she needed to take to expedite her request.  Vitter arranged for a privacy release of her medical history and a personal letter from her treating physician outlining the immediate medical necessity of her transplant to an Administrative Law judge.  This information helped clear up any discrepancies about Deborah’s status to be eligible for her life-saving transplant.

In October of that year, Deborah’s transplant was approved.

Melancon’s commercial called “Faithful” shows a US Congressman who can get things done and at the same time depicts Vitter as being tied to Wall Street and big oil companies.

In its email promoting the commercial, the campaign described the commercial:

“Before the leak was even capped, David Vitter’s first instinct after the oil disaster began was to write a bill bailing out BP.  Vitter voted for tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and he opposed Wall Street reform, putting CEOs of big banks before working people in Louisiana.

Vitter was rewarded for his BP bailout bill with a $5,000 contribution from Anadarko Petrolum Corp.’s PAC on September 30th.  Anadarko was a partner with BP in the Deepwater Horizon rig, and would have their liability for the BP oil disaster capped under Vitter’s bill.

By using the movie title “Faithful”,  the Melancon campaign is attempting to link job performance to Vitter’s personal scandal.


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