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John Young, Landrieu, John Georges: hot Louisiana politics

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john-youngTuesday morning and it was time to discuss local and national politics on WGSO 990 AM and Bayoubuzz.com as the radio station's talk show host Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz's Stephen Sabludowsky exchanged comments and banter.

 The topics this morning--a new candidate for Louisiana Lt. Governor, Congressman Bill Cassidy get battered with the "attack ads" against him and the presence of the Advocate's publisher John Young at a Mary Landrieu event.

Below is the transcription of the discussion (we apologize for two short inaudible seconds in the video) 

Crouere: News coming this morning, John Young, announcing he's running for Lt. Governor, of course, Jefferson Parish President, your thoughts?

Sabludowsky: Very interesting, i think it will change things around don't you think?

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Crouere: Well, you've got Billy Nungesser of course, who's running, you've got Elbert Guillory who's running and we've had all those guys on Politics with a PUnch so, they're all good guys.  The favorite was John Young though, according to the polls

Sabludowsky: poll was that thought, that was his own poll?

Crouere: No last independent poll done on it showed him leading and I think it makes sense because he's president of one of the largest parishes in the state so we'll see how that translates in the campaign, we've already got of course that campaign starting,you've got the governor's race pretty much starting, we've got a year before that and we're in the midst of a Senate race, three months to go and course we had one of our callers earlier saying the attack ads hitting Cassidy hard.

Crouere: I was over at the Hyatt over the weekend for the YLC role model gala and you had all these democrats streaming out of Mary Landrieu's fundraiser and one person i saw there, John Georges, the publisher of the Advocate, sort of surprised.

Crouere:Were you surprised he was there?

Sabludowsky: First of all, let me ask you this, she had a fundraiser, I know they had a democratic... 

Crouere: Well, it was the Jefferson Jackson day dinner but it was mostly a Mary Landrieu event, it seemed like it was dominated by people who were supporting Landrieu  

Sabludowsky: Yea, but, I don't know if that was a fund--that is an annual event that they have and so she may have had a separate fundraiser but that was an annual event and it would have gone on whether she ran or didn't run.

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