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JIndal talks Common Core, Presidential run before Morning Joe ALS challenge

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jindal-wife 6Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal reiterated his position and his evolution against Common Core when he appeared on the MSNBC news program Thursday morning.

 During his national TV appearance he explained why he opposed the program which is now in the Louisiana Court system under challenge. He also repeated that he is thinking about and praying about the Presidential Race and will decide after the elections.

When asked by Mike Barnacle how Louisiana is faring in Education, he reported that the state has made major advances under his administration but still had areas of improvement.

After the questions about Common Core, his potential Presidential run and education improvements, the hosts of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took the ICE challenge, created to focus and funding for ALS research.  Jindal had challenged Morning Joe and others after he took the challenge and took an icing pour from his wife.

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