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New Vitter, Melancon Poll, TV Spots, Debate

Written by stephen-sabludowsky
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steve_sabludowsky01Finally, here is a poll which I support.


According to Clarus Research, the poll paid for by WWL-TV, David Vitter is ahead of Charlie Melancon by twelve points:

Summary: D: 38%, R: 50%, I: 4%, U: 8%

Why do i believe this poll?

Because i have not been accepting the results of the others of i believe to be Republican-leaning firms Rasmussen and Magellan, which constantly have Vitter 16 to 22 points above Democrat, Melancon.

Nor, do i believe Melancon's own polls over the past two weeks which has held Vitter only seven and then three points ahead of  the Democrat.

In fact, on Bayoubuzz i have always claimed that Vitter was about 12 points ahead of Melancon and recently on Jeff Crouere's radio show (Tuesday), i once again affirmed that number.

It does not take a brainac Louisiana governor to realistically say that Vitter is comfortably ahead.  But, not too many dumnmies would believe that Melancon is almost tied with Vitter.

Now, the question is--what is Melancon to do with now only a few days left?

Yesterday, he did reasobly well at the WDSU debate and tonight he faces Vitter head-on at WWL.

He actually landed a few blows upon Vitter with the help of Liberatarian candidate, Louisiana Rep. Ernest Wooten who challenged Senator Vitter  on the scandals to the point where he called the Republican, a hypocrite and questioned Vitter on the Furer scandal. 

I was down in the studio last night and after the debate was over, Vitter rushed out of the studio away from reporters and everyone else.  There was no small talk or the passing of niceties with Senator Vitter and the rest of the media or attendees. 

Afterwards, his campaign sent out an email claiming it won the debate.  That is questionable but if winning the debate means the further solidifying his base, he probably did exactly that.  With Melancon on stage with Vitter and other very conservative candidates, the Democrat came across more liberal than his record.   To the extent that helps him to get out the traditional Democratic vote then  perhaps it won't lose much from the debate exchange.  Without doubt, Vitter scored with his followers although Wooten did make Vitter feel uncomforatble. We will see if any of this translates into any different results from our expectations.

Today, Melancon started a new campaign ad which in essence says that Vitter used taxpayer money for prostitutes.  He also landed the Monroe and Shreveport city papers endorsement.

Tonight is WWL TV debate.  He must hit a grandslam or two or else he strikes out.    

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