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Louisiana US Senate race: Uncertain Maness poll and where's Cassidy?

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senate-collageWhat is the significance of a recent poll in the Louisiana US Senate race showing Tea Party favorite, Rob Maness, in mid-double digits in his quest to overcome the Republican Party's favorite candidate, Bill Cassidy?

 Also, why hasn't Cassidy approved more than one debate in his quest to unseat Mary Landrieu for the US Senate spot? 

These were just some of the issues discussed today on the weekly WGSO Radio-Bayoubuzz Google Hangout Webcast.  Below is the transcription of this segment of the interview discussion with WGSO's Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz's Stephen Sabludowsky:

Jeff Crouere:  Steve, a earlier today, we talked to US Senate candidate Rob Maness who was excited about a new poll which showed him at 16% which is his high-mark in the campaign, he also said he's accepted every debate invitation that  he's received.  Your thoughts on the poll, and your thoughts on the campaign. {snippet 99}

right, well first of all, i saw the poll, or at least the press release regarding the poll, i saw it yesterday, I personally wrote a column about it and it's on Bayoubuzz right now.  It is an internal poll and so far, to my knowledge, there's no independent poll that is showing that, so 

Jeff Crouere: Internal poll, what do you mean, I don't think it was done by Maness, it was done by the Senate Conservative Fund, if I'm not mistaken. 

Stephen Sabludowsky: I, I think it was, at least the way I read it, the press release, he said and would have to look to see what he said, or what the press release said

Jeff Crouere: yeah I'll don't think the campaign did the poll but, regardless who did it, it is interesting, in that we haven't really seen any numbers in a while.now  according to the poll, it says the Colonel is in the best position to take on Mary Landrieu in a runoff, obviously I think a lot of people would dispute that

Stephen Sabludowsky: Sure, sure. Well to me I think it does make a difference as to who has done the poll and was set to find out who did the poll  the press release didn't say who had done the poll, but anyway, regardless, assuming that the poll was accurate and reliable, is he in the best position?  I don't know, I think to me, the  big question is why hasn't Cassidy agreed to the debates other than one, so

Jeff Crouere:I've got that same question..shed some light on that, Steve, educate us

Stephen Sabludowsky: Well in the column I wrote yesterday, basically what I said was that six years ago, roughly 6 years ago if I recall correctly John Kennedy wanted Mary Landrieu to debate more often and she chose not to.  And so, to me that indicates the person who is ahead generally speaking does not want to go ahead and to risk it during a debate. so you can argue whether or not Cassidy is ahead, I don't know what the internal issue is, why he hasn't agreed to the debates.  But to me it seems he's obviously concerned about something, whether it's the lead or whether or not it's being (concerned about being )hit by the left and right.  Let me ask you a question, in your circles, what are you hearing about Cassidy not debating?

Jeff Crouere:  I think some people are disappointed that he's not agreed to the debates usually you expect your guy to be out there mixing it up and most of the Republican officials are behind Cassidy since he's got the endorsements.  And, I think they would probably prefer him to be debating, I don't know, maybe he's not comfortable in that type of forum, I'm not sure.

Stephen Sabludowsky: I'm looking forward to the debates, again, we had this discussion last week and I personally prefer the debates and in fact the only debate televised debate, they're only going to have three of the candidates and for me that's, that's fine--because those are the three that are most likely  going to win, at least one of them, and I'd like to hear what they're going to say about the issues rather than everybody giving an opinion, who all of them  but for two, say, two will not be in the runoff should there be a runoff.

Wednesday: Part 2--A candidate calls into the show 


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