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Mississippi burning with hate crimes, where's Sharpton, Holder, Obama?

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missippi-burningNow that Michael Brown has been laid to rest in Ferguson, Missouri, don’t expect the liberal media, the race hustlers or the Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate what happened in West Point, Mississippi. 

 In the Ferguson incident, Brown, right after committing a robbery that was captured on video tape, was involved in an altercation with police officer Darren Wilson. As he was walking down the middle of a street, he may or may not have injured Wilson or charged at him. Sadly, we do know that Brown is dead after being shot six times by Wilson. Whether Wilson feared for his life or used appropriate force remains to be seen. An investigation is proceeding and a grand jury has been impaneled. 

The appropriate response to this tragedy would have been to call for a thorough investigation and to withhold judgment until more facts are uncovered. In contrast, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, called for a “speedy prosecution” of Wilson. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson with a slew of FBI agents who are conducting a separate investigation and may charge Wilson with civil rights violations. 

At Brown’s funeral, rappers attended, along with politicians and three members of the Obama White House staff. While the President has ignored the funerals of his family members, war heroes, Medal of Honor winners and world leaders such as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he has given extra attention to Brown, only because of the racial mix of the two people involved. If the officer was black or Brown was white, no one would know about this story and the President would have ignored it like he does the murders of 8,000 African Americans who are killed each year by other African Americans.  

What is also being ignored are crimes committed against white people by black criminals. The racial component to crime only goes one way, as the liberal race agitators are only interested in investigating when a black victim is killed by a white police officer or an overly zealous “white Hispanic” neighborhood watch volunteer. 

In West Point Mississippi two white veterans, Ralph Weems and David Knighten, were attacked by as many as “20” African Americans. They were both injured, but Weems was beaten so badly that he was placed into an induced coma by doctors after brain surgery. The hospital lists Weems in “fair” condition, while Knighten escaped with broken bones in his face and a blood clot in his right eye.    

The incident started early Saturday morning at a Waffle House restaurant. Weems and Knighten were warned not to enter the establishment because it “wasn’t a safe place for whites.” Supposedly the patrons were upset at white people because of the death of Michael Brown. 

Despite the warning, Weems and Knighten entered the restaurant and soon became embroiled in an argument. After the police were called, they left, but decided to visit a local Huddle House before heading home. At that point, they were supposedly followed by an even larger group of African Americans. At that point, Knighten reports that approximately “20” people started hitting and kicking Weems. When he tried to intervene, Knighten was also beaten. 

While they were being attacked, Knighten says that racial slurs were spewed by the aggressors. 

This is a disturbing incident on many levels. It started with the racist sentiment at the restaurant, followed by the beating and the racist name calling. 

It clearly looks like a hate crime, a perfect opportunity for Holder, the media and the Reverend Al Sharpton to call for color blind justice. Instead, there is radio silence from the agitators, while the African American Police Chief of West Point claims that it was not a hate crime, only an assault. 

If the roles had been reversed and 20 white people viciously beat two black men, while hurling racist insults, the incident would generate national media attention and action from Eric Holder and the Justice Department. Sharpton and the other phony ministers would arrive on the scene calling for “justice.” 

It is too bad that our media, the politically correct politicians, President Obama, and Eric Holder are so racist. They are only interested when blacks are killed by whites. Other black victims and white victims are irrelevant to them.

While they are interested in pursuing selective justice, it is sad that they don’t seem to understand that all violence is wrong and all racism is wrong, even when the victims are white. 

Jeff Crouere

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