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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 18:13

Ex-Black Panther Rev. Brown runs to eliminate Mary Landrieu as US Senator

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rev-brown2Colorful Louisiana politics, at its best or worst?

On Tuesday morning, on the weekly WGSO-Bayoubuzz radio talk show, hosted by Jeff Crouere and webcasted on this site via google hangouts, Crouere and I discussed the candidacy of Tea Party favorite Rob Maness and what appears to be Republican Bill Cassidy's unwillingness to debate.  Closing out that part of the discussion, I mentioned that I was not interested in watching numerous candidates debating but only the candidates who were most likely able to win.

 After my making that statement, Crouere took a call, who happened to be one of those "unlikely" winners--the Reverend Raymond Brown.

What follows is "classic" conservative talk radio mixed with Louisiana political culture and color. In my view, the conversation, is hysterical.  Yet, in an election, which could come down to a handful of voters, where the future of Congress and the fate of the country could be in the balance, there's nothing funny.

Below is the transcript for your convenience.  Yet, please, this is political theater you must watch, rather than read as the printed words in no way do this slice of Louisiana  (and who knows--maybe US) history, real justice:

Crouere: I'm sure our next caller doesn't agree with you Steve, he's in the race, he's running hard and in fact he was the subject of a Jeff Sadow column yesterday, our friend Rev. Brown is with us here on the program, what's going on rev, good morning

Reverend Brown: good morning good morning Steve first of all

Sabludowsky: good morning {snippet 100}

Reverend Brown: if I may explain to Steve, Steve you need to do your research, in 2002  no advertising, no endorsement with no money driving around in my own car throughout the state, just shaking hands, 2% of the vote. Mary Landrieu called me personally, saying (inaudible). Go do your research. against Suzanne Haik Terrell after the Republican Party under Roger Villere decided "we're not going with this black radical".  I must admit, you know, I was kind of little, more into the radicalism back then, is that right?

Crouere: yeah, you're mainstream now Rev., back then you will wearing the black panther garb

Reverend Brown: I just want to get Stephen Sabludowsky straight. I'm not really, I'm not going to win the election because two, I'm black and three, I don't have the economics and the finance  to win the election (inaudible) out the way but my purpose in the election is to get enough of the black vote that would put pressure on the candidate but including Mary Landrieu 

Crouere: so your goal, your goal in running is to put pressure on Mary Landrieu, that's your goal?

Reverend Brown: put pressure on Mary Landrieu and to eliminate her, you understand what I'm saying?  So basically they can say oh to working for the Republicans, let me just say it here, I do not see where the Democrats have done anything for black people, Mr. Stephen Sabludowsky, I respect you, you're a good brother, but they just downplay, you don't understand what I'm running for, I'm running because I know the black folk would usher her in to victory and I don't want that to happen, because what the Democrats do, they trash the Republicans but look at the record, go look at their record,  you can see that they have not done anything to fight the crime situation in the black community, they have not put any jobs in the black community they had not done anything. It's a smokescreen that's all it is. So, People say Brown you're a Democrat running, but--I understand how politics work

Crouere: Uh, hum

Reverend Brown: so Jeff I'm against Mary.  That's why I'm running, Stephen Sabludowsky

Crouere: Let me say, rev, I agree with you, she's done zip, zilch, nada, nothing for the black community, go ahead. 

Reverend Brown: Right, let me say this, he got to understand, because if I'm a voice at the table for the poor and dispossessed, Steve you should be happy to have me in these debates because I'm going to talk about the issue that Mary is not going to talk about.  Okay? The crime wave in the community, you've got whites being attacked by blacks by youths and black men and yet they some claim (inaudible) is not racially motivated.  Yes it is. (inaudible), whites are being attacked and it's racially motivated but even the police department is scared to say, yes it's racially motivated, they are afraid of a protest and a riot ..this is what they are afraid of Jeff, people are going to get out there and protests, I'm not protesting for the black person who attacked white folk on the basis of race. I'm not going to go out there and support that black person.

Crouere: Hey rev, hang on rev, hey rev hang on

I'm one of the most biggest civil rights leaders in the state I guarantee you if I can generate 50,000 dollars right now I'd get 80,000 black vote 

(Crouere then says, "hang on, hang on rev, you might get some white votes too"...and then introduces "Sid from Gentilly", a white frequent radio talk show caller, formerly the "Sid from Metairie" of the Buddy Deliberto show fame who the now-deceased former local sports personality often called "squirrel".  Sid says he does not like the way that the reverend is talking about he "can't win".  Sid says the reverend has his vote)

Sid: "I love you like brother, believe me I do.  But, don't be going around telling people you can't win, you can't do this.  I want you to debate Landrieu, that thief, she's a thief, they've got a lot of thieves in Baton Rouge, they have gotten in the city you know that,  you know that, they're corroded with them in the city, in City Hall--the mayors a thief, he's a thief, he's a thief, the governors a thief, they're all thieves, you gotta get in there, I want you in there. You've got to get rid of Mary Landrieu, , don't be telling people you can't win, and please, don't be telling the public that you're in an ex-Black Panther. Lie like the rest of them don't be worried about the past, don't even be worry about that, lie like they do. Landrieu's a liar, the governor's a liar, the mayor's a liar, just lie like they do my boy (laughter) you've got my vote, you understand?  just don't tell people that you can't win, you can't win, I don't want to hear that

Sid: don't tell people that you're an ex-Black Panther, just lie about that, thank you

Crouere: that's Sid...hey you got a white vote, right there Rev, 

 Reverend Brown: Let me conclude, let me conclude--I qualified Friday, I qualified evening, right?

Crouere: Yes.

Reverend Brown: And today's what, Monday? Right? 

Crouere: Tuesday, you're close, Tuesday, yes

Reverend Brown: All across the state, my phone been ringing off from all the organizations who are fed up with Mary Landrieu-- let me tell you something, the press, up north, put my name in all of the newspapers. The guys in Louisiana in New Orleans, the Times Picayune, and The Advocate haven't even ran a story on the other candidates, at all

Crouere: Well, what does that tell you?

Sabludowsky: Reverend? 

Crouere: That's home cooking for Mary Landrieu, go ahead Steve..

Reverend Brown: Thank you, thank you--so if I'm not a threat on the campaign, why is media so afraid to publish my name in their paper--I know that

Tomorrow: Should the TV debates include more than the three top candidates



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