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New Orleans citizens use own hands, guns to fight crime

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CRIME-SCENEIn the past week, two New Orleans residents have been arrested for shooting criminals. The latest case occurred on Monday in Mid-City when Martynenez Grigsby shot an intruder who tried to illegally enter her apartment. She was arrested for one count of aggravated battery after police said she refused to cooperate. Last week, Pastor Willie Littleton of Algiers was arrested for shooting a man accused of stealing cooper from an air conditioning unit outside of his church. 


In New Orleans, the trend of innocent citizens fighting back against criminals has been growing and it is very encouraging. 

For decades, crime has been out of control in New Orleans. The city regularly ranks as the Murder Capital of the nation. 

This year, every major crime statistic is on the increase. The only exception is the murder rate, but that might change after a weekend in which five people were killed. New Orleans, a much smaller city than Chicago, had a bloodier Labor Day weekend than the Windy City. In Chicago, only three people were killed during the long weekend. 

In recent months, the national news media has been focusing on crime in Chicago and New Orleans and this unsavory coverage will undoubtedly continue.  The news stories about the recent mass shootings in the Lower Ninth Ward and the French Quarter paint New Orleans as a lawless community in which criminals are running the streets. 

This situation will continue for the foreseeable future as it will take many years for the New Orleans Police Department to recruit enough officers to compensate for the massive manpower outflow that has recently occurred. The NOPD is suffering from a shortage of almost 500 officers. In the short term, the city is being assisted by an influx of Louisiana State Troopers; however, the additional help with end in November when the State Police return to their regular duties. So, what will happen when the State Police leave? 

Hopefully, more New Orleans citizens will take the initiative to purchase a firearm, acquire the necessary training and defend themselves.

It seems like the people of New Orleans are well aware of the police shortage and are no longer willing to become victims. 

In the past year, the NOPD reports that there have been seven cases of justifiable homicide.  For example, several weeks ago an Algiers man killed a masked man who entered his home. In May, an off-duty SUNO police officer used lethal force to subdue a violent criminal in the Gentilly area. 

There have also been cases where a homeowner, like Merritt Landry in the Marigny area of New Orleans, used a firearm to protect his family from an assailant who illegally entered his property. In this case and in several other instances, the intruder was not killed, but wounded. Fortunately, after a long ordeal, Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro decided not to charge Landry with a crime. 

In the latest series of incidents, the police followed the script from the Merritt Landry case and arrested the citizens who defended themselves against criminals. The question remains what will Cannizzaro do in these cases? 

The increase in citizens taking action and utilizing their Second Amendment rights is a positive development. Hopefully, the message will be sent to criminals that the people of New Orleans are sick and tired of the crime epidemic and will not take it anymore. 

Who can blame this growing cadre of New Orleans citizens? If there are not enough police officers and innocent people are threatened by an out of control crime element, shouldn’t they be allowed to protect themselves? 

Hopefully, the District Attorney will agree and will refuse to prosecute these two citizens who decided to take action against criminals. It is time that more people in New Orleans say “enough is enough” and decide to follow these examples and fight back.


Jeff Crouere

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