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Planless Obama, Homeless Landrieu, Coreless Jindal

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leadershipClueless Obama 

Does Barack Obama have a clue?  Another American is murdered by ISIS, and the president does not have a plan!  Come on, Mr. President.  These murderous acts of war against the United States and the victims of these terrible acts deserve strong, swift, and deadly consequences inflicted on the perpetrator, ISIS.  How long will the United States wait to respond?



In war there is no time for indecision.  Actions speak louder than words.  When any state, group, or organization conducts an attack on American citizens or our nation’s interests, the United States must respond.  We have the means, and we should use all means at our disposal to destroy the enemy.  If that requires the U.S. to bomb ISIS inside Syria which has been a safe haven for this terrorist group, then so be it.  Syria is unable to police its own borders, and Isis is using Syria to strike out at the United States and its citizens and to invoke terror and murder on the citizens of Iraq.  The rest of the world may have forgotten Nazi Germany, but the United States has not.  The slaughter of innocent people in the name of religion is morally wrong and must be stopped even if the U.S. must act alone.


Given these facts it is time for Mr. Obama to abandon his left wing ideology and close the U.S. borders and tighten our immigration and customs laws and practices.  Anyone entering the United States illegally or suspected of posing a threat to the U.S. should be detained and summarily returned back from where they came or refused entry into the U.S.  If federal law needs to be changed, then do it.  The federal government has encouraged illegal immigration by not enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.  Left wing politics has put America in real and present danger.  This must end for fear that the terrorism that has permeated the Middle East will become a way of life here in America as a gift from the terrorist around the world.

 Landrieu at Home

Politics can enter the world of silliness, and it now has.  A newly filed lawsuit claims that Senator Mary Landrieu does not live in Louisiana.  How ridiculous!  All 535 members of Congress, democrats and republicans, spend a great deal of time in Washington, DC.  They must have a place to sleep at night and in many cases a place to raise a family.  Senator Landrieu, like her colleagues, does spend many of her nights in Washington.  That is where she works at a job she was elected to do by the people of Louisiana.  Claiming that her parents’ home is where she stays when she is in New Orleans is perfectly reasonable.  Unfortunately, however, politics does like to wallow in the absurd, but this lawsuit is beyond absurdity.  Republicans, stick to the issues.  There are plenty.  Our country is struggling and leadership is lacking on both sides of the aisle.  Let’s lead, not sue opponents over a bogus issue.

 Spinding Jindal

Much has been said about Common Core and Governor Jindal’s support and now opposition to it.  Members of the media seemed truly confused about the governor’s early support and his later opposition to it.  They should not be.   Governor Jindal’s opposition is purely political.  He is running for President, and he is serving up red meat to the most conservative core of the Republican Party.  I don’t think the governor really cares about the outcome of his Common Core fight.  If he succeeds, that is great.  If his lawsuit is not successful; and, it is not likely to be, he can still rail about the federal government’s attempt to  “takeover” the nation’s school systems through Common Core.  


That’s the nice thing about politics when governing does not matter.  There is always a “spin” to every story, and a “dodge” to every outcome.



Lawrence Chehardy

For thirty-four years Lawrence Chehardy served as Assessor of Jefferson Parish. He has been the leading authority on Louisiana’s property tax laws. In addition to his political commentary and public speaking engagements, Lawrence Chehardy is a founding member of the Chehardy, Sherman, Ellis, Murray, Recile, Griffith, Stakelum & Hayes Law Firm and serves as its managing partner.

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