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PBS’s Genealogy Roadshow on WYES-TV features rich-mysteries of New Orleans

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roadshow-4In so many ways, the City of New Orleans, and the year-old PBS Geneaology Roadshow, are a perfect marriage.

For one, the Genealogy Roadshow, which will be shown on WYES Channel 12 New Orleans public television, starting January 2015, features the past embracing the future.

 Top genealogists look into the gray and sometimes dark family mysteries of the program’s chosen curious. In doing so, they use the available top technologies of tomorrow such as DNA, databases and the Internet. 

For sure, New Orleans is the perfect venue for this reality TV affair.   How many cities blend the cultures of voodoo, the roots of French and Spanish, the tastes of the Caribbean, the drowned memories of storms sturdied by songs of tradition?  

What other community worships the Saints so dearly?  Where else does the moss hang so low, the Old Man River flow and the dead buried among stone monuments honoring times and moments gone by?

 Not many.{snippet 107}

Which made the opportunity to witness the making of this educational reality TV show-- even more intriguing.

Having already been familiar with another PBS roadshow--that one showcasing antiques and artifacts—I was fascinated about the concept of genealogists digging into the uncovered secrets of the featured families, employing DNA to confirm or correct prior assumptions. So, I headed down to the majestic Board of Trade Building, in downtown New Orleans, equipped to view the filming.

With my video camera in hand, I took the opportunity to watch, to talk to professional genealogists and to witness the developing of a television show  in one of the city’s prized historic buildings. 

What became most obvious, immediately, was the love of creating the project.

During interview, Bill Margol, the PBS Senior Director, Programming and Development, noted there is such a growing fascination in shining light upon our respective untold yet meaningful stories.

The Executive Producer, Stuart Krasnow, the TV producer who boasts a long history of credits of his own, shared his enthusiasm and commitment to this program.  Not only was he creating a TV show which endings are never certain, but, he was helping to construct gifts of life’s fragile connections. 

WYES, the station that chronicles this region’s sights, sounds and the people who have made us so unique, is the perfect media venue to showcase Genealogy Roadshow.

And so is New Orleans, a city, immersed in rich memories, blessed with a future glowing, yet laden in ancestries of stories never-ever told.


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