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Democrats, Maness slam Cassidy for Plantation remark

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harry-reidWord to the wise.

If you are in the world of politics, don’t use the word slave, plantation and surely not the N-word.

One would have thought that Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy would have learned from his prior mistake.  Apparently not. 


As a result, the US Senate candidate is now being criticized by not only members of the Louisiana Democratic Party but by his Tea Party opponent Rob Maness, for his use of the term “plantation” to describe the very institution of which he hopes to be elected.

According to a recent article, Cassidy used the term in describing the US Senate under Harry Reid.   In fact, Cassidy is not the only high-elected official to have uttered one of the “don’t words” in recent years.  Hillary Clinton, while on the campaign trail got slammed by Democrats and Republicans for a somewhat similar remark

Still, as Republicans seized the opportunity to bash Mary Landrieu for what they are calling "chartergate" and for Landrieu's "residence-gate" controversies, the Democrats are returning the favor.

Below is a email from the Louisiana Democratic Party:

BATON ROUGE -- The Louisiana Democratic Party released the following statement from Vice Chair of Elected Officials, state Rep. Randal L. Gaines (D-LaPlace), in response to Congressman Bill Cassidy's recent comments:

"This type of insensitive statement is inconsistent with the positive ideals necessary to move this state and this nation forward. To compare the U.S. Senate to one of the greatest atrocities in our nation's history is not only offensive to every single person who is a descendant of a slave, but to every American with any decency. If a millionaire like Congressman Cassidy can't understand why comparing himself to a slave is wrong, how will he be able to relate to the millions of Louisianians who don't make close to the $200,000 a year he currently earns. Congressman Cassidy should apologize immediately. Comments like this one are probably why Congressman Cassidy is afraid to participate in debates."

Earlier today, the national Democratic Party sent out a e-blast citing articles slamming Cassidy:

 Huffington Post: GOP Candidate Accuses Harry Reid Of Running Senate Like A Plantation

“Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), the Louisiana House member in a tight race for the state’s Senate seat, found himself in a self-inflicted messTuesday morning when it surfaced that he had made comments comparing Congress to slavery…. it’s not the first time he’s gone down that route. A Democratic source flagged a speech he gave in April 2012 in which he urged audience members not to kick him around like a slave while he was serving on the Hill.”

Watch videoof Cassidy’s 2012 speech where he urges the audience not to “kick me around like a slave” (start at22:40)

CASSIDY:  “Now, I will finish up by saying this and then hopefully getting a couple of questions. I’m a U.S. Representative. I am so privileged to be that. Will Rogers said that your elected representative is nothing but the hired help. And I actually think that is the appropriate attitude. In our democracy, I am to represent. I am to be the hired help. Now, you don’t kick me around like a slave but on the other hand I am here to say that the greatest among us shall be our servants -- and I always tell my staff we want to be the greatest office there is."

POLITICO: Cassidy: Reid’s Senate ‘like a plantation’

“Louisiana GOP Senate candidate Bill Cassidy thinks Harry Reid ‘runs the Senate like a plantation.’ The Baton Rouge congressman, challenging Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu this fall, made the comment to the head of the Port of Terrebonne during a tour last week….The “plantation” comment drew an immediate rebuke from tea party candidate Rob Maness, who is attacking Cassidy from the right going into the November jungle primary. “

The Hill: Cassidy: Harry Reid 'runs the Senate like a plantation'

“Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) is facing calls to apologize from his fellow Republican Senate candidate Rob Maness for saying Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) ‘runs the Senate like a plantation.’ ‘Congressman Cassidy may not realize this but the language he used included a term that is incredibly offensive to many Americans and he should immediately apologize,’ Maness said in a statement. … Cassidy made the comments in an interview with E&E Daily, a Washington, D.C. trade publication. In the interview, he criticized Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), whom he hopes to replace in the Senate next year, as being a key player in supporting President Obama’s agenda in the Senate.”

TPM: Louisiana Rep. Cassidy: Harry Reid Runs Senate 'Like A Plantation'

“Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) runs the Senate ‘like a plantation.’ Cassidy's comments were published by E&E Daily on Tuesday. Cassidy, who is running for Senate, made the comments while bashing Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who he said has helped Obama ‘get his agenda through" thanks to her support for Reid. Cassidy added that Reid "runs the Senate like a plantation.’”

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