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Landrieu: Cassidy rejects debates; Democrats slam Jindal's economy

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The Landrieu US Senate campaign and the National Democratic Committee have respectively taken issue with two of the highest-profile Republican officials, Congressman Bill Cassidy and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Not only is there a debate over how many debates the Louisiana voters will see on TV for the US Senate race, there seems to be somewhat of a debate over whether Congressman Cassidy accepted any debate.


4:11 pm, From the Landrieu campaign--2nd Update: In case you missed it, Congressman Cassidy just announced he will not participate in a third debate. He will not participate in the New Orleans debate on October 27 hosted by WWL-TV. Louisiana voters are wondering when they will hear from Congressman Cassidy about the issues important to them. Cassidy is the GOP preferred candidate for US Sen.  Governor Jindal, who has been campaigning in primary states and in other states supporting Republican candidates.  Jindal, however, has not been campaiging for local candidates in Louisiana.

However, according to WAFB,  published at 3:40 pm, Cassidy has accepted one debate.

The focus for Landrieu is Cassidy's unwillingness to debate.  The target for the national democrats is Jindal's economy.

From Landrieu Campaign

According to the Mary Landrieu US Senate Campaign, Congressman Cassidy has announced that he will not participate in the first and the second debate.

The Landrieu campaign said by email, 3:24 pm--1st Update

“He will not participate in the New Orleans debate on October 9th hosted by WDSU-TV and multiple organizations. This now means Congressman Cassidy has refused to debate in the first two scheduled debates of the campaign.”

In a prior email blast on Wednesday, the Landrieu Senate campaign reported the following:


Four weeks from today, Senator Mary Landrieu and Tea Party candidate Colonel Rob Maness are scheduled to participate in the first debate of the election season, but Congressman Bill Cassidy announced yesterday that he would not participate in the debate and did not offer any explanation for his refusal.
“Congressman Cassidy’s refusal to participate in any debates and flat out rejection of the first debate is a slap in the face of every Louisianian who wants to hear about the real issues in this election,” said Fabien Levy, Communications Director for the Landrieu campaign. “After yesterday’s comments, you would think the Congressman would want to explain to voters what he meant, but it has become obvious that Congressman Cassidy is determined to avoid unscripted settings where his views would be on display.”
Congressman Cassidy has seen a flood of bad stories come through over the last 24 hours. After a story released yesterday highlighted his negative view of the U.S. Senate, dozens of stories popped on the issue. Then, later yesterday, numerous outlets, including KNOE-TV Monroe, the Associated PressKTBS-TV ShreveportThe Monroe News Star/Gannett, and WVUE-TV New Orleans, all reported on Congressman Cassidy’s refusal to participate in debates.
Senator Landrieu announced more than a month ago that she would participate in five debates and for more than a month Congressman Cassidy has dodged questions from the media about which debates he would actually participate in. In that time, the Cassidy campaign has said they would release a list of debates after qualifying and “after the field of candidates is formalized.”Congressman Cassidy qualified for the U.S. Senate race three weeks ago today when he added, “Do I want to debate? Absolutely.” But three weeks later, Louisianians have only been told Congressman Cassidy will not debate.
The Council for A Better Louisiana and Louisiana Public Broadcasting recently announced that the three major candidates in the race would participate in one debate on October 14 in Shreveport, LA, but Congressman Cassidy’s campaign has yet to confirm his participation in this or any other debates.
If Congressman Cassidy were to participate in that one debate, that would still leave four debates that he refuses to confirm his participation in:




October 8, 2014

KNOE-TV (Monroe)
KALB-TV (Alexandria)

Monroe, LA

October 9, 2014

WDSU-TV(New Orleans), 
and Multiple Local Organizations

New Orleans, LA

October 27, 2014

WWL-TV (New Orleans)

New Orleans, LA

October 29, 2014

Raycom Media,
The LSU Manship School of Journalism, 
WRKF Radio (Baton Rouge)

Baton Rouge, LA 

Levy added, “Instead of hiding from voters and keeping whatever other views he has a secret, Congressman Cassidy should come out and agree to multiple debates so Louisianians can hear directly from all the candidates. Refusing to debate just makes us all wonder what else Congressman Cassidy is hiding.”

Not only is the Landrieu Campaign going on the offense, but the National Democratic Party is taking issue with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s endorsements in elections throughout the country and with his economy.

The latest from the Democratic National Committee:

Louisiana governor and presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal is in Atlanta today to try to give embattled Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s campaign an extra hand. Jindal and Deal have a lot in common – they’ve both consistently failed to deliver for their states and improve the economic wellbeing of their constituents.

Just take a look at Jindal and Deal’s records:

  •          Georgia's unemployment rating is the second-highest in the nation! Its workforce is still significantly smaller than its all-time high in December 2007, even though the population has increased by nearly 300,000 people. In Louisiana, there are over 35,000 more unemployed people than when the recession started. Jindal’s economy has made Louisiana 46th in growthprospects.
  •          More than 460,000 Louisiana workers could benefit from an increase in the minimum wage, but Bobby Jindal has repeatedly attacked the idea.  Minimum wage workers in Jindal’s state earn more than 60 percent of their family’s total income, and a raise would be critical to their quality of life. Georgia workers earn less per hour and per week than workers in most of the rest of the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts Georgia 35th in hourly earnings and 32nd in weekly earnings. Louisianans and Georgians deserve a raise.

It’s obvious that Nathan Deal and Bobby Jindal aren’t interested in putting Georgia and Louisiana families first. Jason Carter is working to move Georgia forward and has proposed initiatives to expand benefits for small businesses to create jobs and opportunity for all. Democrats like Senator Carter – up and down the ballot– will be the clear choice for voters this fall, versus Republicans who remain beholden to special interests and an extreme Tea Party agenda.

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