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House passes Cassidy care; Debate empty chair; EWE's tea; Senate poll; Stonecipher on Landrieu

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boysie-commercialSome quick thoughts on some of the political stories found on the web:

Here's Stonecipher 

Elliot Stonecipher has jumped into the Landrieu residency issue and has taken a stand.  Stonecipher and Landrieu have had their words hashed out in public and this comes as no surprise:

In his op-ed, the numbers cruncher endorses this passage

"Simply put, Landrieu made the personal choice to forego actual, even if secondary, Louisiana residency. She moved away from us, becoming a legal, committed resident of D.C. Such separates and insulates her from we who work, pay taxes and otherwise invest ourselves here."

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Mainly Maness

Rob Maness is getting his name and face out to the Louisiana public.  Since Bill Cassidy has only opted to participate in two debates, while Landrieu and Maness have agreed to five, there is a good chance that the Tea Party favorite gains some traction now that the front runner remains on the sidelines.  Expect Landrieu vs. Maness TV debates to be more of a Landrieu and Maness vs. Cassidy.  Expect Cassidy to complain, but, the empty chair speaks volumes.

"The combination of missteps and controversies from Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Cassidy have given Col. Maness an opportunity to gain some traction. There's been a steady stream of events where he's picked up a lot of momentum," Bardella said.
While there are no poll numbers to back the assertion, it's true Maness has used to controversies to raise his profile, landing a primetime spot on Fox News and appearing in the Washington Post and New York Times during the height of his challenge to Landrieu's residency.
Still, Maness remains stuck with the label of "long-shot candidate," despite his campaign's claim that he's surpassed Cassidy as the Republican party's leading challenger. No one else, however, is willing to go that far.

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House approves Cassidy's Obamacare bill 

Is it a political stunt or substantive legislationi?  Regardless, US Senate candidate Bill Cassidy will get more national recognition and the GOP will have another anti-Obamacare plank to run on.

The House passed legislation Thursday to allow people to keep their insurance plans under ObamaCare even if the coverage doesn't meet all of its requirements.
Twenty-five Democrats broke ranks to help pass the bill, 247-167, including Reps. John Barrow (Ga.), Nick Rahall (W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), who are among the most vulnerable incumbents running for reelection this year. The vote offered those Democrats an opportunity to distance themselves from the president on the still-controversial Affordable Care Act.
The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), a medical doctor who is campaigning to unseat Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) in a closely watched race that may decide which party controls the Senate next year.

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Edwards twitter tea

The Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for US Congress, Edwin Edwards, takes to twitter for a spot of tea-bashing.

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The Bayoubuzz US Senate Race Poll

Today, we launch our US Senate race poll.  Results will be released the day prior to election-day.  Enjoy and vote often--NOT!!  Sorry, this is a democracy in the 21st century, so one IP, one vote. 


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