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Beer pours new powder-keg brewing for Landrieu

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drink-landrieu U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu is in the news again for the wrong reason. This time, it is not a controversy about her residency or her campaign flights, but her misguided behavior at the LSU-Mississippi State game last Saturday. Sadly, the Senator decided to participate in a keg stand by pouring beer into the mouth of a kid. Fortunately, the young man was not an underage drinker, but many of those at the keg stand may have been under the age of 21.


This party atmosphere might be fine for a young adult having fun with his or her friends, but not a 58 year old U.S. Senator. It is hard to imagine other Senators like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul acting in such a manner. It was undignified to say the least.

In response, Senator Landrieu claimed that her critics “need to get a sense of humor, and they need to get a life..it's just the way we roll.”

Oh really, get a life Senator Landrieu, well how many lives in the state have been lost to drunk drivers? How many people in Louisiana are now suffering from the dangers of alcoholism? In fact, there have been members of the Landrieu family who have been arrested in alcohol related incidents. It would seem that the Senator would be especially sensitive to these issues, but, unfortunately, she seems to be tone deaf.

The entire episode is another example of very poor judgment by a Senator who displayed a tremendous lack of respect for her position. Senator Landrieu is a member of the world's most exclusive club. She represents the state and is supposed to act with some decorum, not like a sorority girl at a college party.

Mary Landrieu is incredibly desperate this year. Polls show her running behind U.S. Congressman Bill Cassidy. Landrieu is hoping that stunts like the keg stand will turnaround her fortunes. Obviously, this entire episode was an orchestrated campaign stunt to appeal to young voters who might view the Senator as “cool.” Senator Landrieu is a calculating politician who is driven by polls and obsessed with this close race. She knows that she needs every vote and that young voters normally do not vote.

Hopefully, voters both young and old will not be attracted to support her due to this crazy stunt and they will be wise enough to realize that Mary Landrieu does not represent the state, no matter how hard she parties. On issues such as immigration, abortion, taxes, healthcare, judicial appointments, gun control, etc. Mary Landrieu votes with President Obama and against the interests of Louisiana citizens. She votes with President Obama 97% of the time, which should be a real concern to voters who only give the President a lousy 34% approval rating.

It is time that the voters of Louisiana gave Senator Landrieu an opportunity to earn a living in the private sector. She has been on the public payroll since 1979 and enough is enough. This latest episode is just one more reason for the voters of Louisiana to do the right thing and send Mary Landrieu packing.

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