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Party's Over For Louisiana Democrats Post Vitter, Dardenne GOP Wins

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pinsonatNow that the national and Louisiana Elections 2010 are in the past, it is time to turn to pollster and political analyst, Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media & Opinion Research to get a lay of the landscape.

Here is part one of a two part series which will conclude Thursday:

Bayoubuzz: What must Democratic candidates in Louisiana do to remain a viable party?

Pinsonat: The democrats here in Louisiana and the throughout South are being decimated by the National Democratic Party agenda. Just for starters, an anti oil and gas agenda in the form of a drilling moratorium and the climate change  legislation; pushing unions agendas such as card check legislation; big government programs such as health care reform and of course the massive government spending initiatives re stimulus. Just about every initiative Pelosi and Reed passed or tried to pass was unpopular with vast majority of Louisiana voters. Eighty percent of white voters in Louisiana are anti Barrack Obama and about the same number voted against Melancon and Fayard. Turnout the lights – the party is over for democrats in Louisiana for years to come.


Did you expect the type of blow-out that occurred in Louisiana on election day?  If so why, if not, why not?

Pinsonat: I predicted what would happen a few days after the October primary – Vitter and Dardenne would win because of the republican national wave on November 2nd. There was no female gap that would help Melancon and hurt Vitter. Fayard was a trial lawyer democrat – no poll predicted she could win before she announced or will predict she has a chance to win next year.  Small business voters dominate Louisiana elections, not trial lawyers. As of today – the south and Louisiana are no longer democratic. Republicans will dominate the new legislature in 2013.  Very few white democrats will return to Baton Rouge as legislators in 2013. The poll that was run by TV stations last week on Vitter vs. Melancon must have been taken in Delaware – it wasn’t even close to actual results in Louisiana. Vitter was always winning by about 20%.

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