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Landrieu, Cassidy endorsements; Jindal, Obama and the law; Duck Dasher

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robertson-phil Endorsement US Senate style

The endorsements are beginning to trickle in as the US Senate race elections gets closer.
Earlier this month, the powerful NRA announced its backing of Congressman Bill Cassidy and former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will be featured at a Cassidy $500 per person fundraiser on October 3 in New Orleans.

Mary Landrieu is also hauling in her share of supporters. Today, Landrieu picked up the endorsements of the Humane Society Legislative Fund and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).
Cassidy also racked up a nice one today, the National Federation of Independent Business is in his corner.

Atheists Believe
Speaking of endorsements, even the atheists are getting into the endorsement/report card game. Today, the Secular Coalition for America today released its Congressional Voter Guides for the 3rd and 4th Congressional Districts of Louisiana.
According to a press release, “The Guides are meant to help secular-minded Louisianansmake informed decisions on the candidates for the upcoming elections in November, based on secular issues.
The Voter Guide is part of the Secular Coalition’s “50 Secular Races to Watch” list, which the Coalition is currently rolling out based on the U.S. House districts that received the worst grades on the Coalition’s 2013 Congressional Report Card. The Secular Coalition will also grade seven Senate races across the country.
The Voter Guide grades the candidates— Republican and Democratic—vying for seats on November 4th. The candidates received the following grades:
The Secular Coalition for America has chapters in all 50 states, including Louisiana, which lobbies state lawmakers on behalf of secular Americans in Louisiana.

Saluting Obama and. Bush
A picture of President Obama saluting with a cup of coffee in hand has made the airwaves. Republicans, in particular, such as Sarah Palin has had a field day over the image. However, another picture has emerged that shows that the current President is not the only one with other matters on his mind or hands when saluting.

Good to be a Duck
A year ago, the now-kissing Congressman Vance McAllister rose to fame with the endorsement of the Duck Dynasty family. The Duckers are now quacking over their own family member running for the same Congressional seat and are now cutting a radio ad for their relative who is running for US Congress Zach Dasher.


Not following the law
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a likely-candidate for President has written another op-ed column to friendly publications, this one to “The Brody File” Exclusive: Bobby Jindal Sends Op-Ed To The Brody File: “Another Broken Promise: Obamacare and Abortion”

As usual, the GOP hopeful has blasted President Obama on a variety of issues with the main theme in the recent column being President Obama not following the law relating to Obamacare and Abortion.

Citing numerous examples in which Obama has ignored the law, Jindal wrote, “Does the Administration care that they’re not following the law? Not in the slightest. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Earlier this month, the IRS Commissioner testified before Congress: “Whenever we can, we follow the law.” I’m not making those words up—that’s what he said.

And that sums up this Administration’s attitude in a nutshell—towards the abortion requirements in the law, and all the other provisions of Obamacare it hasn’t enforced. If it’s politically convenient, the Administration will wield the full power of the state against its opponents—witness the IRS’ illegal, partisan persecution of tea party groups and other conservative organizations. But when it comes to abortion, the Administration won’t even try to obey the law, and compel insurance companies to disclose whether their plans cover abortion or not.”

Ironically perhaps, the president is not the only person accused recently for not following the law. Republican Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has taken issue with healthcare in Louisiana, specifically, Governor Jindal’s own state employee health insurance.

According to Caldwell, “Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration skipped required legal steps in making changes to the health insurance plans that cover state employees, teachers and retirees, the state attorney general’s office said Tuesday.
In a legal opinion, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office said modifications to the health plans offered by the Office of Group Benefits must be made according to Louisiana’s Administrative Procedures Act.
The act requires public notice, a comment period and legislative oversight.


Sick Louisiana

The Chairperson for the Louisiana Democratic Party, state Senator Karen Carter Peterson, has taken to her blog to argue that Louisiana is growing sicker.  Obviously, she is not very keen on the Jindal administration's healthcare decisions  



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