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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 18:49

Poll reveals Louisiana's hostile takeover of Jindal's image

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jindal-speechWhen one goes across the nation claiming to have the answers for US energy, healthcare, calling the President of the United States incompetent, castigating Washington DC and calling for a “hostile takeover”, wouldn’t you expect that politician or elected official to be popular back home?

 Wouldn’t you expect that person to be able to showcase a record of significant governmental competence?

If so, then, welcome to the “Fantasy Land of Bobby Jindal's image”.   Jindal, is the part-time Louisiana chief executive.  He is the face and talking head who spends his days and even nights running for the nation’s top chief-executive position.

Yet, based upon poll after poll, particularly one just-released on Tuesday,  you would think that the nation will see the real person through the eyes of his own constituentcy rather than that portrait he and the rest of Team Jindal has carefully crafted.

Yesterday’s Democratic-leaning PPP poll basically says it all as to how Louisiana likely voters feel about the current man holding down the mansion.

Remember,  I said “likely voters”.  Likely voters favor republicans in Louisiana.  A poll of registered voters favor Democrats.

It is now documented and recorded poll history that Louisiana registered and likely voters don’t think much of the governor.   Many believe the political writers who frequent the GOP caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire,  will soon get the message and will wonder if this is really so.

After all, the governor is one of the top republican leaders in the nation.  He hails from the deep-deep conservative states-right southern land of Louisiana.  Can he really be so disliked by his own voters—those who have elected him in two landslide victories?

The answer is, the numbers do not lie.

Perhaps the numbers most insulting are those that show that Louisiana would prefer a Democratic convicted-felon octogenarian Edwin W. Edwards over the current keeper of the capitol’s fourth floor,  47 to 43%.  Not that Edwards is popular.  He only registered favorable  at 40% with unfavorable dragging him at 44%.

Compare those numbers to Jindal’s popularity.  Bobby J. owns a whopping 34% positive  55% negative rating.  President Barack Obama, who has been Jindal’s and  every republican’s punching bag nationwide and particularly in this juicy-red state has a 39% positive.  This is five points better than one of his chief antagonist seeking the president’s job.

The proof doesn’t stop here.  In the Louisiana poll, Republicans Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in a one-to-one poll  for President yet Jindal trails the Clinton 46-45, not in Massachusetts  or New York, but in the state he calls his own.

Only 20% of those likely voters believe Jindal should run for President and in my view, a substantial  number would want him to do so if it would mean he would leave office prematurely and get off the public dole.

Should he be the GOP VP candidate, 42 to 24% would tend to hold that against the Republican presidential candidate.


How conservative is Louisiana and therefore, shouldn’t Jindal  who  is seeking the love and blessings from the religious right and Tea Party-type, do well in the Louisiana polls?

One would think so, but don’t bet on it.

Super-conservative  and  former “serious-sinner” David Vitter, who again is campaigning also against Obama, has a popularity of 46 to 35% favorable.  He leads all Louisiana gubernatorial candidates and beats Democrat candidate Jon Bel Edwards 50 to 32%. Vitter leads New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (who had cake-walked into office as Lt. Governor)   47 to 38%.  He also beats Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne 37 to 30%.

If all of these numbers don’t bleed red, despite Louisiana being a majority Democratic Party state, an overwhelming majority (76%) of those polled claim to be moderate to conservative with a mere 24 percent claiming favoring the liberal tag. 

Jindal recently made news painting democrats and those concerned about global climate-change as “science deniers”.  Yet, these numbers are blatant strokes of evidence that it is the governor-wanting-to-be-president is splashing around in the black can of deep-denial.

His embarrassing poll numbers don’t just reflect voters’ annoyance with his being in constant AWOL.  No.  It clearly shows that voters are not at all impressed with his record as governor.

The courts have rejected his education reforms.  His healthcare record needs a quick and major blood infusion.  Past and present state employees are in a state of outrage as to how he his plan and administration has caused their premiums to skyrocket but affording less coverage.  The hospitals are being overwhelmed by non-insureds.

Louisiana is still last or close to last in health and happiness.  

His former Secretary of Health and Hospitals has been indicted with some questioning Jindal’s own involvement in the alleged favoring of the vendor on a significant Medicaid contract to a company reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy, yet former employer of the Secretary, Bruce Greenstein.  Red flags were raised about the” inside deal” for months by legislators, by the media yet Jindal remained mute.  However, as soon as word got out that an investigation was underway, Jindal  pulled the rug on Greenstein.   Only after the jig was up did the governor end the Secretary’s gig as chief of the state’s health agency.

While the governor claims the state is on an economic revolution, facts show that the past three years, Louisiana has been way below national average compared to the rest of the nation in productivity.  Facts also reveal that productivity skyrocketed in the prior years of his administration, not because of his management but because the state was flush with Katrina bailout money and stimulus, courtesy to our friends and neighbors in Elsewhere States USA and our friendly feds.

In sum, Louisiana is a state and its people are those who know Bobby Jindal, the best.   Louisiana is the most conservative state in the nation.  A super conservative, yet disgraced US Senator leads the gubernatorial pack.  Three-quarters of those questioned claim to be moderate to very conservative.   A former governor and now ex-con is more popular than Jindal.   The most unpopular President in recent Louisiana history has better “favorables” than the governor who romps around the nation seeking audience and money bashing the easy target.  Yet, again, Obama outscores  his critic in popularity among those living in the governor’s own super-conservative state.

The left-leaning PPP poll, which verifies Louisiana’s conservative credentials probably better than all other recent surveys, ironically presents the picture of angry citizens engaged in their own “hostile-takeover” of a false image.   Instead of seeing a man who has the record to be the future leader of the free world, they see an intelligent  yet calculating politician, who failed to perform, nor didn’t care yet claimed he did.

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