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Friday, 03 October 2014 17:44

Team Jindal and Scott Angelle's headline grabbing statement

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Yesterday, we were informed that republican PSC  Commissioner Scott Angelle would be throwing his helmet onto the gubernatorial campaign field.   He wants to be our next governor.  After his announcement, I wrote:


In what might be a slap at both David Vitter and/or current Louisiana governor and presidential hopeful, Bobby Jindal, Angelle said, "I'm excited to share after prayerful consideration and consultation with family and friends across the state that I will be a candidate for governor next fall," he said in a prepared statement. "I am convinced Louisiana's best days are still ahead of us. Now is the time for leadership that will be more focused on getting us across the goal line rather than grabbing the headline." …..

Many political followers, including this one, have felt that Angelle would be Jindal's candidate as none of the other named candidates have any positive relationships with the current governor.  However, Angelle's "grabbing headlines" snip was surely intentional and he must have known that the audience would infer Jindal as, at least, one of the targets being insulted .

The bolded statement is intended to make the point—just whom might he be referring?

Right now, the only other candidates are republicans Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, David Vitter and democrat, Jon Bel Edwards. 

Yes, Angelle could have referred to Vitter but I really have not seen him on many TV talk shows, giving speeches around the nation and opining about matters outside his official job duties.

True, Treasurer John Kennedy goes public with his op eds and other appearances but I surely would not call him a headline grabber.  Plus, so far, we have no clue whether he will enter the race.

Dardenne and Edwards might want to grab more headlines.  Plus, I don’t think that Angelle, right out of the gate, is going after either one of these two men with that type of statement.

So, yes, the logical person, of course, must be the man who has the job he wants and which he loves.  The guy who has used that job with his careful eye upon a much greater job.  Yep,  I’m talking about no other than presidential candidate and occasional governor, Bobby Jindal.

But wait!

Whom did I later learn was involved in Angelle’s campaign, presumably, of course, at the highest level?

None other than Timmy Teepell, Jindal’s alter-ego, spokesperson and consultant.  Oh, and also, according to the governor, his best friend.

According to The Hayride:

“What’s important about this is Angelle is Jindal’s guy. And that makes him Timmy Teepell’s guy.”

Teepell isn’t locked out of Louisiana at present. He’s handling media for Zach Dasher’s campaign for the 5th District congressional seat this year. But with as many as nine Republicans running for the 6th District seat Cassidy is vacating, none are using Teepell. That isn’t considered an accident. And with On Message, the DC-based political consulting firm Teepell works for, handling Republican Senate candidates in Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina this year it does seem rather significant that they’ve hired a high-profile consultant in the state and in a major election cycle the firm has no major statewide presence.

But next year, that changes – because On Message will be playing at the top of the ballot. Angelle will be running for a year and change, and Teepell becomes a player again. At least until Election Day.

So, Teepell is planning a comeback of sorts in Louisiana along with Team Jindal (minus perhaps the “Jindal” part of the team who has his own agenda next year)?


With the state healthcare, education, ethics systems in chaos, we’re going to want Jindal and gang, Part 2?

Even more disconcerting and perhaps confusing  is Angelle’s initial statement  “Now is the time for leadership that will be more focused on getting us across the goal line rather than grabbing the headline."

Assuming Teepell has and is going to play a major role running Angelle’s campaign, whom in the world does the candidate  think is directly and almost exclusively responsible for our “headline-grabbing” governor’s headline grabs?

None other!

Teepell and On Message.

Which makes one wonder—do they (Jindal and company) still think we are stupid?

Specifically—did Teepell have anything to do with Angelle’s headline grabbing statement?  If so, talk about credibility gap.

Even if Timmy did not, does anyone believe that the architect of much of the Jindal dynasty is not going to try to do for Angelle what he has done for his biggest client and best pal?

Angelle is an intelligent and capable man.   He needs to show us that he is and will be his own man and that he won’t be a “finely-tuned” and be a  “finished-product” politician who will say anything and do everything to serve his own selfish ambitions.

For starts, it would be helpful if he told us why he made the “headline grabbing” statement and if anyone from Team Jindal coached him to do so. 

Before he tries to get the ball across any goal, I, for one, would love to know who’s on his team and especially, who’s playing quarterback.


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