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Jindal tweets hawkish foreign policy-military focus

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jindal-tweet-militaryLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is on the campaign trail today as he once again focuses upon President Obama’s administration.

As he has done previously, Jindal released position papers on healthcare and energy and now foreign policy.


His detailed plan with former GOP Senator Jim Talent,  was  complemented this morning with Jindal’s address to the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Here are some of his recent tweets accompanying his speech:

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

Threats will continue to grow unless and until America regains its purpose and rebuilds the power that is the foundation of our safety.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

There is less need to use the military when it is feared and respected.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

Peace through strength costs infinitely less in American blood and treasure than does war precipitated by weakness.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

The safest and the surest thing America can do now to reduce global risk – would be to move decisively to rebuild the tools of power.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

Disengagement is not a prescription for American security, nor is it the basis for a successful American foreign policy.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

It’s no accident that the threats to America – to its homeland and its national interests – are growing everywhere in the world.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

President Obama is the first president to not believe in American exceptionalism.

Obama Admin has repudiated principles of an effective defense strategy by abandoning long-time allies & cutting the size of our military.

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal

The last 6 yrs – and the last several months in particular – have demonstrated the failure of Pres Obama’s attempts to “lead from behind."


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