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New Orleans crime gone batty with political correctness in air

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CRIME-SCENE For years liberals like New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu have been advocating programs such as midnight basketball as ways to reduce crime. Supposedly, young people with no ambition, moral values or job will be turned away from crime by the opportunity to shoot hoops. It sounds ridiculous, and, of course, it does not work, but the program helps the liberals feel good about what they are doing to fight the crime problem in New Orleans.   

 Well, it is obviously time to expand midnight sports programs to include baseball because there are some bat wielding youngsters looking for something to hit. Since there are no midnight baseball programs to attract their interest, they are obviously focusing their attention on innocent people. 

Several months ago, baseball bat wielding thugs attacked bicyclists on Esplanade Avenue, right next to the French Quarter. In two savage attacks, bats would used to senselessly pummel the innocent citizens having the misfortune to bicycle along a well known street at the wrong time.   

The latest incident occurred early Sunday morning in the French Quarter in the 500 block of Dauphine Street. A 23 year-old man was attacked by a gang of three youngsters who used baseball bats to mercilessly attack him. He was “cold cocked” in the head and needed 12 staples. 

Sadly, a cab driver witnessed the incident, but instead of intervening or calling the police, he coldly drove by without helping. As usual, the police, both local and state, were nowhere to be found as the victim was being assaulted. 

This attack followed a span of 4 car-jacking incidents over the weekend, along with the usual assortment of rapes, robberies and murders. 

The community is responding to these crimes with a collective yawn and the Mayor of New Orleans no longer even bothers to make public comments because there are just too many incidents occurring in his city. 

The drum beat of crime in the Big Easy continues and there are no solutions on the horizon, unless midnightbaseball is implemented. It will be just as successful as midnight basketball, guaranteed. 

The Times Picayune continues to describe the criminals based on their clothing and not their race. So the paper reported that the perpetrators of this heinous crime wore hooded jackets and one was sporting long dreadlocks. It seems like at least one of the bat wielding thugs was an African American, but the citizens of New Orleans do not know for sure thanks to the political correctness at the city’s leading newspaper. 

According to the victim, “This wasn’t their first time. I probably wasn’t the first person they robbed that night.” Two hours later, three individuals attacked a woman on the 800 block Canal Street, taking her purse. It is not known whether the incidents are related, but the similarities are striking. 

It is clear to any objective observer that the crime problem remains the top problem in New Orleans. The French Quarter and CBD are not safe areas, especially after midnight. It is not enough to have the Louisiana State Police in the city, it is time that the National Guard returned order to New Orleans and took the streets back from the thugs who control it today.

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